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Is the fading available on all the RTW? Personally, I don't like the look.
Here's a pair of 40s/50s work boots made from "toughide" leather.
I would have expected lighter tones to have come through in the leather. The oily black discolouration is probably to do with the natural oils coming out of the leather. I've also seen Horween go that way on some English made shoes. I don't know if shoe care is the issue. Perhaps simply use a neutral shoe cream?
I have been tempted by Wolverine 1000 mile, but the leather appears to crap up after wear - i.e. go an oily black colour.
I've never seen bespoke RAF style Oxford. I wouldn't be surprised to see Prince William wearing such a thing.
To be honest, I'd commission C&J to make classic EG styles at benchgrade standards and sell at handgrade prices. Basically, EG styles for less money. Styles which are found further down, e.g. Loake.
Edward Green now charge £195 for a resole! That takes the piss. If I had a choice of a diamond rubber sole or an oak bark tanned sole on my dress shoes, I'd go for the former. And factor in maybe three or four re-solings until they raise two fingers and tell you to bugger off.
I picked up a pair of these for about £20. Royal Navy deck boots, made by T&H Bros., 1992. Lovely quality, very robust and made to military specifications. Heel - heavy wooden heel - six layers of leather with a metal tip. Nailed. Sole - Goodyear welted (I believe) and screwed. Upper - fine quality cross-hatched black grain leather, probably cowhide Insole - very heavy leather insole. Leather lined in places Traditional work boot style. True to size. Much...
I increasingly prefer rubber soles. Hard-wearing, waterproof, etc. Leather on business shoes, though I'm watching with interest leather/rubber combinations.
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