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I increasingly prefer rubber soles. Hard-wearing, waterproof, etc. Leather on business shoes, though I'm watching with interest leather/rubber combinations.
I hate the wanky stuff on the website. The Basics Never wear your new shoes in the rain until they have been worn about 3 or 4 times. If your shoes do get wet, put shoe trees in them or newspaper if you don't have trees. Let them dry at room temperature for at least 48 hours before you wear them again. Wet sole leather will wear out twice as quickly as dry sole leather. Before polishing your shoes always wipe them over with a dry cloth to get rid of surface dirt. Polish...
The London store seems to stock a limited range of lasts: - lots of 202. I don't fit it so is there anywhere I can get something on the 82 (or indeed other lasts) on the Malvern or the Cadogan (in chestnut)? No MTO. I'm after the English look: short with a slightly rounded toe.
C&J Handgrade is the same leather as EG is it not? C&J sales staff will tell you it is.
I never seem to get a reply from them. Relative to other retailers their shoes are pricey.
Few suggestions (may be useful):I'd like to see some Handgrade shoes on the 236 last (you phased them out 3-4 years ago), or similar. I simply detest the elongated 337 last.There's nothing for me to buy at Handgrade level.Brogues look 'ok' on the 337, but I feel that that style needs a more rounded look (e.g. Trickers 6038L).I'd bring in a Handgrade heavy brogue, perhaps double-leather soled in oxblood (you don't do oxblood), chestnut or burgundy. Or even a range: brogue,...
I'm sure the quality of the leather has gone downhill. I remember shoes on the old 100 last a few years back. Leather (tobacco calf) had just that - a lovely cigar-like tobacco smell. The new line on the 173 last has lower-grade leather, I'm sure of it. No tobacco smell.
£700 for a re-sole?! That takes the piss. Try Richard at Shoehealer.
I came across a pair of Grenson Bleasdale boots in The Natural Shoe Store about a year and half ago. They'd cheaped out on the brass hardwear (the eyelets and ski hooks) - nowhere near the quality of the old Rose line boots. Grenson were a good maker, but they've gone downhill. There's no way I'd buy from Grenson now.
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