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A few thoughts...Most canvas game/fishing bags are a bit on the small side for use as modern go-to work bags. I would suggest something capable of holding two A4-sized folders with a little bit of room. Though not too big to get away from the light shoulder bag look. The Hardy "Compact" bag (which I have) is slightly too big at 17" x 11" whereas the Hardy "Test" bag is slightly too small at 15" x 12". (I suppose the best way to design these things is practically.) ...
Lovely inside. I like the displays.An item which might look nice would be a traditional flap-over canvas game/fishing bag. I know Ducker sell them, and New & Lingwood have a few (I think Chapman made).It would be nice to have something to go with your country range.
I like C&J look to their shops - bright and airy. The problem has always been that it's so difficult to see what you are buying in a dark, pokey shop. Tricker's is an example of that and when I bought a pair of shoes from them ages ago I actually had to take them outside to look at them. Appreciate some interiors are impossible to do much with, probably to do with listing and so on.
Here's what I'm getting at: Like: Church's Oxford Like: Cleverley bespoke Dislike: C&J Connaught I also like the Edward Green heel counter on the Malvern, Chelsea and Cadogan. The Cleverley colour is wonderful.
It's obviously excellent quality, but I think the wave-like brogueing just looks plain awful. I also dislike the 'dog's ear' back, which on many shoes, particularly sleek Oxfords ruins the lines of the shoes. This is a reason why I am deterred from buying the Crockett & Jones Connaught. Church's used to do a nice Oxford, but their quality has gone down the pan.
I prefer to let my shoes take an all over patina. With respect to Foster, it just looks artificial/overdone.
I'm thinking of getting the Thornham or Portman.
Is the fading available on all the RTW? Personally, I don't like the look.
Here's a pair of 40s/50s work boots made from "toughide" leather.
I would have expected lighter tones to have come through in the leather. The oily black discolouration is probably to do with the natural oils coming out of the leather. I've also seen Horween go that way on some English made shoes. I don't know if shoe care is the issue. Perhaps simply use a neutral shoe cream?
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