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Does anyone have any information about this company? English, I think.
Edit Anyone know who these are made by? Also what type of leather is used. Horween Chromexcel? Little bit wary of the price (£285) - being relatively low for quality footwear. The construction doesn't appear to be GW.
Well, it's good and bad. Good for them, of course. Bad for (most of) the customers. You don't get much bang for your buck. Far too expensive, and out of the reach of many people. And at the lower end, upper one hundreds or low two hundreds you're not going to get something of quality that will last for years. You have to factor in re-soling etc which doesn't come cheap, and it's difficult to find a good cobbler on the high street. Many of them have pushed their prices...
Read that. Article is typically journalistically thin. More chappish than informative. Anyone know much about this company? Reckon they're using Horween Chromexcel leather. Barbour welt? Not sure if they have a leather insole.
My last foray into Grenson was buying a pair of old Rose line brogues. They went back because the last didn't fit me and there was a huge indent in the toecap. This was at the point that Grenson was heading towards the toilet bowl, the Rose line discontinued soon after. I saw a pair of Bleasdale boots (an old Rose line boot) in the Natural Shoe Store in London and immediately noticed that they had cheaped out on the the brass eyelets and other things. My basic rule of...
No. I lost interest when I found out that it is made from Horween leather. Anyway, I wouldn't spend that much on a bag even if I had the money to do so.
It's a pity the quality of Grenson has gone downhill. Their old Rose line was pretty good. Now it's all rubbish, with silly names for their different lines and absurd shoecare advice on their website. I wouldn't pick up a pair on ebay even if they were at a discount. A waste of money.
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