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"Whether you like them or not is clearly a matter of personal taste. I think they work because they showcase the shoes in a timeless way and the picture taken in front of the last wall particularly appeals to my personal aesthetic sense." I disagree - I don't think the images do that at all. The first time I saw them I thought - and I am being honest here - I'll go to Lobb. That flashed across my mind. (I am saving up for a pair of bespoke shoes, by the way.) My...
I only wish they'd make some Handgrade shoes on a different last, say 236 as they used to do. I dislike the elongated, chiseled 337 and some of the even longer lasts which are ridiculous.
It's the Pot Noodle approach to advertising (rightly or wrongly). I have to say, having a picture of a girl with her tits out is going too far.
I say that because the Snowdon is made in quite a soft calf leather. For the price (£475?) I'd get two top quality walking boots in strong leather. Post some pics - see how they have held up.
To be honest, I don't think any of them are right for snow or indeed rough terrain. Fine quality grained leather soaks water up like a sponge, veldtschoen or not and will be torn to pieces if you went rambling in them. Agree - the Snowdon is the best of the bunch (due to it's waxed leather upper) but I wouldn't risk it on more than a walk down a footpath, if that. Tricker's make a tough zug grained field boot, but the leather (in my experience anyway) is low quality and...
How do you rate the leather on the Trickers as compared to C&J? Not sure about Tricker's.
I'll take a look (I haven't checked the website for some time). I'm after a handgrade quality full brogue. Most of the best lines are made on elongated/chiseled lasts, so there is very little out there. I don't fit the EG 202.
Are you likely to stock any shoes/boots with a rounded toe (similar C&J's 236)? I dislike elongated/chiseled lasts. I have tried the 337, and although it fitted well, it didn't look right.
I have read lots of posts about what products to use on them. Speaking from experience, I have used Montana Pitch Blend and Obenaufs. Recently tried this. Excellent product. Better than the latter two products, which can leave black residue on the leather. I can now see the fine grain of the boots. Importantly, if you use this product you'll keep the original waxed leather finish, which is matted down by Montana and...
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