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^^^ those are BADASS!!! MTO I'm sure. Gorgeous.
Thanks gdot. Makes sense - I just don't have a lot of experience with high-end shoes. I appreciate the explanation. So are Paul Stuart shoes well respected as far as quality? They definitely look and feel great. Apologies for my noob-ness.
I got the shoes I ordered from Rider yesterday. I ordered what the site says was "Gravati" (the black seam-toe) but when I received them, they are Paul Stuart (Italy). Am I missing something?
At the Dallas Trunk show, Tony had the Regency on display in Polo suede. It's actually the one I've ordered, except with a cap toe and medallion. See pic...
All you need is RRL.
Nice shoe. Are they Santoni?
where'd you find 'em in a 13?
Wow - what an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. Can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's input. Thanks for the help. I think I've decided on the Windsor in Vintage Chestnut. If Tony can find a last, that is. I have huge feet (UK12.5), and he seemed uncertain about if they had an existing last that would work. Cross my fingers, I guess. Thanks again guys.
Sorry - I simply meant if I'm limited to one pair of G&G should I go the calf or pigskin route as opposed to suede. I'd originally wanted shell, but Tony explained how they have a hard time finding shell which meets their high standards. I've never paid $1200 for a pair of shoes, so I was just seeking advice from those of you who have experience with these kinds of purchases - wondering if down the line I'd regret going with suede.
General question - I'm a noob so this'll probably sound dumb - but if I can only afford one pair of G&G, is it a waste to have them made-up in suede? I wear jeans more often than not, and I'm in Texas where the weather won't destroy suede.
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