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noticing that they are using Gold RiRi's on the burgandy stuff...
I'm 6'3 165 and just got my first Villian's in Medium and Large. I actually prefer the fit of the medium and how it looks except zipping it at the sides all the way, it's a little too snug. My child bearing hips..I feel like the large is what I'll have to stick with, even though it's a little big on me. Sleeves fit me either way, little more breathing room in the large obviously, but I prefer the look of layering with a Medium Villian too. Wish they were just a little...
Anyone with any experience with the brand SEV? http://www.sidianersatzvanes.com/ Quality/fit/etc?
I'll second this. Have made 3-4 large orders from Eastern US, and the shipping is deathly slow from CA. Fedex or Priority Mail would be much faster.
Really can't wait to see a clear shot of the Sand Villain. That piece is an absolute must for me.
Simple, somewhat stupid question - Wearing a belt under my clothes, oftentime it's poking out like crazy under a slim fit oxford or t while wearing un-tucked. Any solution for this problem, or just ditch this belt?
Anyone have any experience with J. Crew TALL sizing? I'm 6'3-6'4, 170lbs and looking for some decent polos and just plain t-shirts. If not J-Crew, any other suggestions for brands tailoring to taller/slimmer guys?
Appreciate that! And with Selvedge, I'm assuming that's just a standard attribute of all HQ denim. They didn't advertise it as selvedge but I'm assuming it is.
Got a Newb question... I ordered some RRL denim just to try as I've heard some good things. I tried like 3-4 different washes, all in slim fit. Still waiting to receive. They are all "selvedge" I'm assuming? I had a nice discount code to use so I went crazy, but besides paying for the name, what "extras" am I paying for in a RRL jean besides the selvedge seam at the bottom? I know there's a $70ish markup at least because it's RL, but what else should I look for in...
That logo is Umbro.
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