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How are you guys washing your stuff? I'm assuming air drying pieces is obvious. I just started wearing their T's and thought I'd get some feedback before washing. Gentle Cycle, or hand washing everything? I've worn my Villain a couple times and it's probably due a wash as well. Forgive my ignorance just thought I'd get some opinions.
noticing that they are using Gold RiRi's on the burgandy stuff...
I'm 6'3 165 and just got my first Villian's in Medium and Large. I actually prefer the fit of the medium and how it looks except zipping it at the sides all the way, it's a little too snug. My child bearing hips..I feel like the large is what I'll have to stick with, even though it's a little big on me. Sleeves fit me either way, little more breathing room in the large obviously, but I prefer the look of layering with a Medium Villian too. Wish they were just a little...
Anyone with any experience with the brand SEV? http://www.sidianersatzvanes.com/ Quality/fit/etc?
I'll second this. Have made 3-4 large orders from Eastern US, and the shipping is deathly slow from CA. Fedex or Priority Mail would be much faster.
Really can't wait to see a clear shot of the Sand Villain. That piece is an absolute must for me.
Simple, somewhat stupid question - Wearing a belt under my clothes, oftentime it's poking out like crazy under a slim fit oxford or t while wearing un-tucked. Any solution for this problem, or just ditch this belt?
Anyone have any experience with J. Crew TALL sizing? I'm 6'3-6'4, 170lbs and looking for some decent polos and just plain t-shirts. If not J-Crew, any other suggestions for brands tailoring to taller/slimmer guys?
Appreciate that! And with Selvedge, I'm assuming that's just a standard attribute of all HQ denim. They didn't advertise it as selvedge but I'm assuming it is.
Got a Newb question... I ordered some RRL denim just to try as I've heard some good things. I tried like 3-4 different washes, all in slim fit. Still waiting to receive. They are all "selvedge" I'm assuming? I had a nice discount code to use so I went crazy, but besides paying for the name, what "extras" am I paying for in a RRL jean besides the selvedge seam at the bottom? I know there's a $70ish markup at least because it's RL, but what else should I look for in...
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