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I think the moss alpaca looks better than the grey the more I look at it. Well this looks like everything that is available. Time to hypebeast about something else.
Just four new items Oh well.
New SW will be up tonight or tomorrow according to Ryan.
Apparently SW will be getting another shipment real soon...
I think the V will end up being tight but it seems like you got measurements so I hope it works out If not there seem to be a lot of people who will buy it from you.
I'm a BoO S/M and I wear a 4/5. If you're a M/L then I'd get the 6 to be safe. Also you're sizing is whack as I'm the same weight but 5'8''-9'' and size down in those brands because of too much looseness in the chest.
The short or long alpaca coat? I just bought the short length one from OC a couple days ago in sz 4... Maybe they have some extra?
I got one from OC (the alpaca). Not sure how many they have.
I saw some Plokhov at Barneys this weekend. It was pretty underwhelming but I didn't take a very close look at it.
Where to kop?
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