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I'm not sure. I tried it on real quick and it was hot as fuck but I live in the bay area and its like 90 degrees right now. It looks pretty warm though as its alpaca out and lined with wool on the inside. For extreme weather you'll probably need something else, but designer shit is never designed for like -10.
I got the size IV and it fits me well. I'm usually a 38 in slim designer brands and its slightly oversized like in the lookbook pic.
Shoulders are 17.5"ish instead of the massive 19" they posted.
Just got my alpaca coat. Measurements on WW is way off.
Looking at the measurements on WW, the alpaca jackets seem.. huge.
Anyone have any experience with WW and customs?
I'm supposed to get mine soon. I'll keep you posted xavier.
Is that knit just a cardigan a different color variation of the shawl sweater on OC?
There was a lot of hype because it was interesting but then people saw the individual pieces in the store and were like wtf.
Boxer is not sloppy, he just doesn't have to the skill to keep up with the APM of much younger players as well as the fact that SC2 is a lot more macro oriented which has always been his weakness. He's crazy clever and comes up with crazy strats. I saw him at MLG Anaheim and the match between him and Rain was the best set of games I had seen seen up to that point.What. Nada has been one of the most consistent players in SC2. I don't even think he's been to the up/down...
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