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Bought these for my dad. Excuse the instagram filter. Bowers&Wilkins CM9's
Why don't you just return them then?
Atelier New YorkArchive SFH. Lorenzo
AndrewGreg, Get me on the founder's list or you're useless to us.
Mr. Porter is awesome. Some of the best packaging I have ever gotten from an online retailer. I know that if I have any issues (which is inevitable given any retailing experience) I will most likely be treated very well. Wish I was a founder, I would be buying a lot more stuff D:
I didn't pick up that YSL cause of the pictures, but your picture makes me feel like I missed out
Someone asked me to take this down...
If you want to see the equivalent of SF for knives: http://www.knifeforums.com/forums/showforum.php?fid/26/nfbb_session_id/e740e9fc37e52862925f867d7c41f5d7/
I need some baller booots in sz 41. Hook me uppp
Wheee my Porter orders started shipping!
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