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Which boot is this?
I don't think there is a particular blazer people are talking about. Perhaps the shawl collar blazer might be recognized with Margiela as they seem to do that relatively often. picked up that one from the Porter sale and its pretty nice.If you're into the "canvassed" versus "fused" quality argument though, stay away from Margiela as all their tailored jackets are fully fused afaik.
Damn Juun J was amazing. First show without a single perfecto, haha Love it.
Junya and Juun J tomorrow. Can't wait!
Basically whole boot.
Got these in the mail today: Not sure if I should keep, opinions?
31" is pretty standard for 48, no?
Oh god, my eyes D:
Junya Coat. I have this and it got me through the cold winter of Korea/Japan
Yeah. I like it a lot too. The paper bag comment was just a slight jab. I'll probably pick that up when it comes out.
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