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Oh? Where are they getting it from? the SS store is out and I can't imagine there is a warehouse that has a bunch of them in storage somewhere while telling people they are sold out in the boutique.
Francis, You missed out on the WW jacket too? o.o I told you to grab it.
I was going to sell mine because I realized I bought too many coats this season already, but now that I have it in person it is so nice
so who picked up the WW 4?
I got the same one as snake.
... great cardigan?
Evisu still makes a fine jean if you can get MIJ one.
Enjoy his hair!
Looks better with the inner lining buttoned only imo Also max-t, I think most of the stock for SS is out now so you're not going to be able to find a size IV from the usual SS stockists. Some places in Japan might have one though, but you'd be paying an arm and a leg plus proxy plus shipping
New Posts  All Forums: