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I sized down one for these (true 41 -> 40), same as Wyatt boots. I also prefer my shoes to fit tighter though.
Cleaning closet and took a pic of shoes that I got in the last couple months. CP Tournament Highs MMM Sidezips SLP Wyatt Converse x CDG Play Highs MMM lows Raf black highs Raf white highs ribbed sole
Wish you had posted this before the blacks went out of stock. Just threw my old pair on the trash because of a hole
Anyone know where I can get a pair of 8/8.5 Black Virgils in Kangaroo? All the online shops seem to only have 9+.
I actually went to Kojima in May. It really isn't worth the trip as a shopper. Jeans Street is lame and a complete waste of time. The Momotaro Factory tour can be interest and the Kapital store is amusing visit as its connected to their factory + is huge for a Kapital store. If you're just looking to buy Osaka/Tokyo will be much better places.
Barneys still has a ton of TB oxford's last time I went.
Random closet cleaning. All in good condition. All the jackets are cotton jackets. 1. $75 - Stephan Schneider Dark Brown Jacket Sz IV 2. $75 - Number (N)ine Tan Jacket Sz 3 3. $75 - Number (N)ine Purple Trench Sz 3 4. $50 - MMM Cotton Sweater
Sort of a weird question, but does clothing come with any sort of warranty or repair option by manufacturer? I bought a Junya winter coat a couple seasons ago ('11 maybe?) from Barneys. Because its a heavy winter coat, I barely wore it since I live in San Francisco. It's probably been worn 10 times max over the past four years. While cleaning out my closet today, noticed that one of the toggles had been cut through by the very string that was holding it in place! Seems...
2nd markdowns at Barneys start tmr, not everything included as usual though.
Barneys pre-sale is on
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