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Pants designed to be paired with a sportcoat or matching suit are always tailor made (regardless if they were runway or not). There is a small amount of pants that are designed to stand on their own or be paired with his more casual/runway clothes that are not tailor made.There might be some differences in construction, but as far as I can tell there is no marked difference (except maybe the factory in where it was created?) in quality.
Where da fuck is my sneak peek pm.
Oops. I meant S/S season
SS is always yawnnn
Damn francis, did you get all those coats? haha
I'm still a big fan of 45rpm Sorahikos and pick up a pair everytime I'm in japan. Last time I went they were only 150$ US (with favorable exchange rates). Also take a look at Kapital as I believe their stockists in the US are quite limited but produce a great product.
That's nice. How much is +J?
Hood is probably as big as a jedi robe
This is the winter coat I bought this year.
Looks like stuff you'd pick up at a flea market.
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