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I size down from 8.5 to 8 for Skags, same as I do for Converses
I can't believe there are enough of you guys online at this time to crash the site...
Shoes over the last couple months. My wife says I need to stop or she'll divorce me. Lanvin Confetti Sneakers Bottega Veneta Boots Saint Laurent Jodhpurs Margiella Plaster Sneakers Raf Simons Derbies Visvim FBT Visvim Skagways
Only seasonal stuff goes on sale.
Yes, they do the standard 40% off, maybe more later on during the period. Sales start June 22 and is the same for all brands.
Possibly, but most people I've run into IRL have always wanted to size up half a size. I generally have to size down to a 40.5 in most shoes, sometimes 40 (SLP Wyatts, CP) and I find a 41.5 in GATS work best for me with 42's being superior to 41's. I'm a 41 in all my other MMM shoes though~
General consensus is to size up for MMM GAT, .5 size if you have normal feet and 1 full size if you have wide feet. Me: CP: 40.5 (Usually just size down to 40) MMM: 41.5 (Usually just get the 42) Lanvin: UK 7 Nike: 8.5 I have a couple TTS GATS and they fit fine, but generally start to hurt the top of my foot due to their constrictness if I wear them all day.
Everyone and their uncle make Chelseas. Hell you can get a pair from H&M for $99 depending on what quality you're aiming for. CP's might be a good mid-point but are boxier.
These might help
Maybe, but Tres Bien also lists MMM's as $355 but does offer the 20% off VAT
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