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General consensus is to size up for MMM GAT, .5 size if you have normal feet and 1 full size if you have wide feet. Me: CP: 40.5 (Usually just size down to 40) MMM: 41.5 (Usually just get the 42) Lanvin: UK 7 Nike: 8.5 I have a couple TTS GATS and they fit fine, but generally start to hurt the top of my foot due to their constrictness if I wear them all day.
Everyone and their uncle make Chelseas. Hell you can get a pair from H&M for $99 depending on what quality you're aiming for. http://www.hm.com/us/product/14635?article=14635-B&cm_mmc=pla-_-us-_-men_shoes_boots-_-14635&gclid=CIiNkpfN3MwCFZRlfgod-1oBxg CP's might be a good mid-point but are boxier.
These might help http://bfy.tw/5m4K http://bfy.tw/5m4O
Maybe, but Tres Bien also lists MMM's as $355 but does offer the 20% off VAT
So GATS are $355 US when selecting "US" as shipping country. They are £259 when shipping to UK which is ~$370. Theoretically the price should be somewhere around 370 / 1.2, which is obviously not $355 So the 20% off coupon just gives you VAT off basically.
Any reason that the VAT excluded price on End is the same as VAT included price for continental EU stories? Does UK apply VAT exclusively versus inclusively of price? Just curious~
VAT refund is not the full 20% though~
It includes VAT, look up VAT refund on Google.
You can check FR prices by going to YSL.com and changing your location to France. They are significantly cheaper.You should theoretically save 20% or so for VAT if you ship it, however you will most likely pay 20% in duties so it evens out. If you just bring it back you have a good chance of the customs officer not caring even if you declare (I always do). I've never had to pay any duties on stuff I've physically brought back even though I've always declared full value.
I'm pretty sure they still make some pairs from Italy. For example the classic black and white crepe soles in FW last year were retailing for 900 - 1100 USD and if I recall were MII. Even the classic versions usually retail for ~700 or so versus the cheaper price on HBX. Just pointing out the MiP as why they're cheaper in case people get suspicious. The only real difference I've noticed is a slightly different toe box, otherwise leather seems just as good between MiP and...
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