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these are ugly af
I always feel like that place is constantly on the verge of going out of business or something.
A lot of the permanent colors don't go on sale. You can usually find them on ssense and other online retailers that are more flexible with stock however. Also I don't think Lanvin sneakers are over-priced when compared to the rest of the luxury sneaker market. They're priced slightly higher than GATs but significantly lower than other designer brands (usually 475 USD).
CDG Play never goes on sale, and I don't think NikeLab doesn't have seasons, so probably not on sale. TB was 50% off last time I went but it was picked pretty clean.
Last time I went everything that doesn't have sale embargoes from the S/S season was 50% off, I'm assuming most stuff is 60 - 70 now.
DSMNY is 70% off now.
In general, how does this fit? I haven't seen it in stores but I have been looking for a simple brown suede. I'm not a 46 so asking more generally.
Varies but just assume something along the lines of 15-20% Edit: Customs applies on amounts about $800
I think the stan smiths are probably a rip, but I'm a fan of those buckle collabs~ I don't own a pair but they're at least somewhat unique. Raf shoes are definitely priced a bit high, but its not any more egregious than Rick and some other medium sized designer brands.
D:This will probably be my last SLP purchase, glad they re-issued~
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