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The silver eyelets also fuck up the white ones by leaving black "oxidation" marks all over them when they rub against the eyelets.
Huh, the L01 in this picture looks a lot less cropped. Do you just have a short torso or did you go up a size?I'm still holding out hoping they'll release a L17 in Calf since I already have a lamb L01 and it doesn't make sense for me to grab another in a separate material.
I love my plaster GATs. I'm surprised they made it so far to sale, but I also think retailers probably went to deep on stocking it.
I picked these up for a pretty good price. I needed some white sneakers that weren't more MMMs. They're pretty comfy and I think I prefer the sole over my GATs.
The sales in 2008 were whack, this year has been good but not anything like 2008.
I get rubber added to all my shoes with leather soles except for a couple pair of my extra nice dress shoes that are worn 2-3 times a year for black tie style events.
I size down from 8.5 to 8 for Skags, same as I do for Converses
I can't believe there are enough of you guys online at this time to crash the site...
Shoes over the last couple months. My wife says I need to stop or she'll divorce me. Lanvin Confetti Sneakers Bottega Veneta Boots Saint Laurent Jodhpurs Margiella Plaster Sneakers Raf Simons Derbies Visvim FBT Visvim Skagways
New Posts  All Forums: