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Brands pale in comparison, at least for my tastes.
I agree with jet. I'm not a big fan of zip boots.
I really want some Augusta esque boots. AFAIK the only place that sells them in Nor Cal is Archive and their selection doesn't seem that great.
After reading this thread, I now have to pick up a baller pair of boots. Thanks guys
I blame Jet.
BNWOT White Oxford sz Medium. This is the same shirt that they sell every year and is a classic. I bought it as a backup for my other white oxford but never got around to wearing it. Using stock photo from South Willard. This will shrink very slightly (depending on how you wash it) on the first wash as the cloth is thick and somewhat lose. It will stretch out again after wear. Measurements: P2P: 20" S2S: 18"
Ooooooh shit!
I have the alpaca scarf from last year and it was great but it developed a hole pretty quickly =/ I need to get it reweaved but my girlfriend stole it from me so I have no idea what condition its in these days. I think they basically re-released the same scarf for this F/W and its on SW.
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