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Fit looks fine, why do you think it is too small?
Brick cardigan was F/W 10 afaik.
I just rush roaches every game if I see fast gas from Terran. I use a SteelSeries Xai with my Zowie
Drop to 200.
Which das? I'm not a fan of blue switches. I have a Zowie Celeritas (brown) and a Filco (red) and prefer the Zowie for SCing. I wanna get some red colored keys for 's' and 'd' on my Filco though. Drone harder! We should get a StyleForum tournament going on.
Psh. Real apm swag would be a Filco keyboard.
A good start would be to get a nice slim or straight leg pair of jeans and a couple of buttons up in a size that fits. You should browse the WAYWT thread and see some examples as well as get an idea of what options are available. Also how much are you looking to spend? Quality is not > then quality regardless of what people on this forum tell you. You can look good in cheap stuff like H&M and Uniqlo. Just because people on this forum blow 2k on some dick doesn't mean...
People realized how goofy fair isle blazers would look? Also people don't buy stuff till its cold anyways. Expect more F/W buys starting in November. People have blown all their money on S/S sale stuff.
Sipang, Do you know if SS has gotten all their stock in store by now? I might swing by Belgium in a couple weeks when I'm in Europe.
IV is usually the smaller size they stock (except for SW). Gotta go to Belgium/Japan for that size. Try proxying from Japan if you are desparate but the prices are outrageous there.
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