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Yeah, I've had to size down on all the knits so far. I think the thinner cardigans and vnecks are all sized very slim though so getting normal size will be okay.
I'm glad they chose the red over the blue. I wish someone was stocking the red sweater. I think the best buy is the shawl sweater
Shawl sweater looks nice, need in a sz 3 though.
Extreme baller wear. This is a runway piece from one of Raf Simon's first Jil Sander shows. Sweater is metallic gray. Measurements: 16" S2S 18" P2P Note on Measurements and Sizing: The shoulder seam measurement is slightly inaccurate as it is not designed to lay on the shoulders perfectly. Also the sweater is designed to stretch (and it does very easily). I usually wear sz 46-48 in Jil knits and I would say this fits closer to a 46 than a 48.
Awesome Du. Gotta pick this shit up.
Brands pale in comparison, at least for my tastes.
I agree with jet. I'm not a big fan of zip boots.
I really want some Augusta esque boots. AFAIK the only place that sells them in Nor Cal is Archive and their selection doesn't seem that great.
After reading this thread, I now have to pick up a baller pair of boots. Thanks guys
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