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Jil sizing is a little less than 1.5 down. UK sizing is generally 1ish down. I'm a 7UK in Paul Smith but almost always have to get 6.5UK in Jil.
Probably not for a while. Still early part of the season. First drops won't be till after Thanksgiving.
Psh, The Beverly Hills store is slightly larger, but I think the buys at the SF store are a lot more interesting. Sales have been done forever.
The shawl? Too late. Its okay Jet, you're giant sized
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3N8QZTsZic Stolen from StyleZeitgeist.
I am really tempted to pick up that alpaca coat even though I already bought a new winter coat for this season...
Fit looks fine, why do you think it is too small?
Brick cardigan was F/W 10 afaik.
I just rush roaches every game if I see fast gas from Terran. I use a SteelSeries Xai with my Zowie
Drop to 200.
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