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Five zip:
Didn't you buy the ones I was selling from someone else?
Okie dokieee D:
Yeah, don't link to that grail thread D:
I actually prefer the plain style: (this is even more than the Hattori KD's) That being said, I highly value the fact that there are groups of blacksmiths that are still hand crafting these awesome knives.
I'm looking for a good gyuto to start. I have a set of Shun classics that I've been using for a while, but would like to upgrade to something more unique. I would love to get my hands on something like a Hattori KD or alternatives of similar quality using a steel of similar hardness. Not sure if knives would be cheaper just buying through a site such as with how strong then yen is right now though... This is really nice for small sizes.
Jil Sander dress pants are cut pretty long. I'm not sure if they are 36" though. For casual you'll either need to goto a shitty big and tall store, do bespoke, or do custom orders.
Someone with giant feet should get these:
I'm just visiting my parents in Dallas. Wish I had known about this store sooner, I probably would've picked up a bunch of good deals over the last couple years. They seem to have a ton of sz 46-48 stuff left, probably because everyone in Texas is huge or wear oversized clothing.
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