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New SW will be up tonight or tomorrow according to Ryan.
Apparently SW will be getting another shipment real soon...
I think the V will end up being tight but it seems like you got measurements so I hope it works out If not there seem to be a lot of people who will buy it from you.
I'm a BoO S/M and I wear a 4/5. If you're a M/L then I'd get the 6 to be safe. Also you're sizing is whack as I'm the same weight but 5'8''-9'' and size down in those brands because of too much looseness in the chest.
The short or long alpaca coat? I just bought the short length one from OC a couple days ago in sz 4... Maybe they have some extra?
I got one from OC (the alpaca). Not sure how many they have.
I saw some Plokhov at Barneys this weekend. It was pretty underwhelming but I didn't take a very close look at it.
Where to kop?
CityConnection, Do I need to take any special care during cleaning of glasses made of celluloid?
Jeremy's sale was a bust. Lots of JV if you're into that though. Also there was a pair of sz 9 Lanvins with the jeweled scarabs a couple seasons ago.
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