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Oh, that's a grail of mine. I've never been able to find one in like new condition though
I have that Margiela cardigan in brown. Bought it cause it was super dope, but I've actually never worn it 9_9
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnOw_sNVG0AThen again some people swear by having their SLP suede's look all beat up as well. Its up to you.
I went around 2pm as I needed to be in Williamburg for a meeting anyways. It was pretty slow, and there wasn't a lot of stuff that interested me (mostly mid-tier Co-Op style brands). I was talking to the guy, and they're planning on doing a bunch of restocks. He mentioned that they had barely brought any of the shoes that they were planning on listing. They were just starting to set up the women's jewelry around 2:30PM, so maybe further shipments will have some...
I goto Arty's in Chelsea. Adding a rubber layer is a very simple job and any decent cobbler can do it. I think I pay 30 or 40 per pair, don't remember.
I disagree with the previous assessment, it does fit oversize (its how its supposed to fit). If you want it to look like a normal "slim fit" shirt than I would recommend going down a size. As a reference I'm almost always a 39 but went down to 38 in this shirt when I tried it on.
ooc = out of curiosity
lister is from Park City Utah, so yeah, probably baller rich.
Where'd you get the Ramones ooc?
pretty sure those SLP's came out while Hedi was still at the helm, but they could just be rando item #24324235 that Kering throws into production~
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