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Virgil KNGR spot release already happened (Jan 2). There aren't any official virgils for SS2017, but there's a small chance of another spot release I suppose.
oh damn, sad I missed that.
Different stock between web-store and the various FIL/Visvim stores. Webstore has them cheaper because OP linked a ICT version while the version on the webstore is the new season's kangaroo leather version. Previous season was cordovan and was 90,000Y.
The Size 50 already looks too tight on you in the body. If the shoulders are a little big for you, than it might just not be the right jacket for you The Montaigne store is the largest, but I usually goto the Honore store. You do the VAT processing at CdG. Only the major department stores (Printemps, Lafayette) will do the VAT processing at the store itself.
I don't think the women's sneakers fit any differently, unless you were using US sizing in which case that sucks.
Bergdorf Goodman has a bunch of Lanvin sneakers in a bunch of sizes for 60% off if anyone wants to stock up.
There's a decent community of sneaker heads that try to keep their shoes as pristine as possible, for me I just let normal day to day take a toll on them, particularly my GATS which I think look much better beat up then straight out of the box.I do wear my GATS quite a bit more often than my other sneakers because they're easy to slip on/off. I'd say 2/3rds of my rotation is in some pair of GATS. I also live in NY so end up walking a lot.
I agree. Lanvins are probably best "bang for buck" in the luxury sneaker market, but they're not for everyone. 1) Their soles are HARD but last a long time. I still have some Lanvin sneakers from 8+ years ago that I wear within my regular rotation. Comparatively, I have to replace my GAT's (softer gum sole) every half year. 2) Large toe box means that for people with narrow feet, they're not a well fitting shoe. You want a decent amount of room because the toe box itself...
Oh, right Indigo Camping Trailer. Well I'm going to head up there today and see what's up
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