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Regarding the earlier convo on thrifting trends, I'll say that I've been doing this part time for over a decade (all over the country) and, sure, things have changed. Maybe there are more flippers, but the rise of ecommerce has also resulted in a wider array of types of things on the rack. Many folks here find certain labels/items despite the fact that they don't live within 500 miles of a brick and mortar retailer that sells those labels/items. That was much more rare a...
My girl Mary has the exact same vest. She spends most of her time outdoors stylin on other mutts.
double breasted cooch w/a velvet collar, momstyle
Listening to Phish is like eating a seven layer dip where all the layers are made out of shit.
Also, also, check out this picture of Nat's face after that Brioni/Kiton haul:
Any keyword tips on this killer vintage PRL sweater? Also, check out this vintage Fioravanti bespoke suit. Date looks like 8 (or maybe 11), 1960, no? Styling would seem right for that era.
Couple years ago, I saw a woman sneeze into her hands and then use the men's sweaters to dry her nasty paws off. I tried to drop a SBD to let her know I disapproved but misjudged it and instead launched a very sharp and very loud crack ripper. I definitely lost that battle.
That's an actual fuckin skinsuit.
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