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I use both VSC and Saphir. Saphir performs a bit better, but it is cost prohibitive. VSC is perfectly safe for you to use on your boots. Not sure Barrel what means by "sealer" as, most of the time, when people talk about sealing leather, they are talking about waterproofing it. Many companies -- including Oak Street -- specifically recommend VSC's use on boots.
This thing needs a bit of work, but I presumed it was worth saving.
Pity I didn't find some of these things at the beginning, rather than the end, of winter. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Would be a great name for a Sarah Mclachlan track.
I'm interpreting this vintage Chipp tie as "Mixed Signals." Anyone have any alternate theories? Look at the pattern on this self-tipped Ben Silver:
Great info. Thanks dude!
I would guess that it is a pervert, rather than an old man, who ends up winning those Lobbs.
Levi's dudes: Anything special about these vintage 505s? Outside of the fact that they're selvedge, I'm guessing not really. Seem to be from early/mid 70s. [[SPOILER]]
Up for sale is a wonderful pair of chocolate flannel Zegna trousers. 100% wool. Color is a complex brown, very versatile. Flat front, split waistband. Fabric has an excellent hand. made in Portugal by Incotex. Mint used condition. Tagged as a size 54 (EU). Hand measurements: Waist laid flat: 18 inches Inseam: 32 inches + 2 inches if cuff is dropped Outseam: 42.5 inches Price includes shipping within the United States.
The Red Fleece line has used a couple different labels-- earlier ones didn't say "Red Fleece." Quality sucks and garments seem to be mostly if not totally made in slave labor countries.
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