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Quick reminder that these auctions end in the next half hour or so.
Remember when you were like 13 years old and yanking it to the bra section of the Kohl's mailer? We'll, if you're doing it right, the whale eventually sings and you gotta find the shittiest thing in your room to cover your tracks (moms be lurking). In our context, Robert Graham shirts are the ugliest and shittiest (monetary value aside) thing and, hence, something one could use to mop up one's "skeet." Their colloquial name, as initially derived by our long lost comrade...
I have a lot of great summer appropriate items in solid navy blue and white. Real staple pieces for sale this week. All auctions end this Sunday (6/14) at 4:00 pm PST/7 pm EST. Items include: Recent Oxxford hopsack wool blazer Medium weight solid navy blue suit from Corneliani for Polo Ralph Lauren Wool/silk blend Z Zegna suit Current label navy blue blazer from Samuelsohn Zegna for Gucci odd trousers Crisp white 100% linen shirt from Ledbury Link to auctions is here:...
Just a quick reminder that these auctions end tonight.
I have a number of great summer and staple items up for sale. The majority of the auctions end this Sunday (June 7) at 4:00 pm PST/7:00 pm est. Highlights include: Linen blazers from Polo Ralph Lauren, John Varvatos (mainline), and Armani. Staple gray nailhead trousers by Ermenegildo Zegna for Gucci. Split toe bluchers from A. Testoni Black label. Tons of mint items (shirts, pants, and blazers) from Bonobos. Great summer shirts from Ben Silver and Southern...
The south sucks at most things, but the one thing it does right is the food. Why eat at a Waffle House when you're likely within a mile of somewhere that sells legit southern food?
How does one ascertain, with any degree of certainty, if a Zegna-made Gucci garment emanates from the Tom Ford era?
Unionmade is having another "archive sale." Not nearly as good as the one in the fall.
New Posts  All Forums: