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I lived in Oregon for a long time and thrifted the Willamette and Columbia valley stores (i.e., Eugene and Portland) very frequently. If memory serves me correct, these stores were one of the first to employ this sort of business model -- I would frequently see store managers bringing groups of (presumably) other stores' managers through, lecturing them on the fine points rack pulling, employee management, gathering stuff for the boutique stores, and so on.
As a Northerner trapped in the deep South, I've observed that Southerners talk a big game about their usage of pork. And, for the most part, folks down here are skilled at the preparation and cooking of the common hog. However, I have a complaint to tender: One could (and I am) arguing that Southerners push the envelope a bit too far in terms of pig consumption. My overall argument is built upon two components. First, it strikes me that Southern folk eat too much pig. I...
I suggest that everyone take a deep breath and think about this image:
It would appear that we have a real Gordon Gekko type in our midst.
nothin is worse than bitch moms donatin ur fresh ass j's. hate that shit. f u moms stay out of my shit u r a mom u dont know what ur doin.
I would have spent a couple hundred but only 1/5th of the things I added to my cart were available once I got to the checkout. For the best, I think.
Do u know that all the poors take are takin ARE welfare moneys and bying drug dealer cellphones and macdonald hamburger and new nicki minaj CD? WAKE UP AMERICA GET A BRANE!
For those of you who know about women's clothes --- Do broads dig old Moschino Couture? Looks like something you could wear to a Prince show.
Moved from Oregon to Alabama, so haven't had much time to thrift. Some of my recent pickups. All available. USA made Polo nailhead. Somewhere between 38 and slim 40. Dual vents. Isaia tux jacket. 44. Surgeon's cuffs, otherwise pretty classic styling. NWOT Orvis mechanic neck sweater. Large. USA-made Mountain Hardware fleece. XL. North Face Primaloft. Size small. YSL Rive Gauche. Navy. Large Jack Spade XL. NWT Deadstock BB Makers. FC. 14.5/34, fits...
Cool, thanks for passing that along.Unfortunately, the little dear is in a bit of trouble. Yesterday, we got a call from the shelter that her litter mates' had parvo symptoms. Although she wasn't showing the clinical signs of parvo outside of a little fatigue, we immediately took her to the vet, where she tested positive. She got an IV bag and we picked up some Tamiflu for her. She spent the night at the all-night clinic and did ok -- ate a little bit, no vomiting/etc, and...
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