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I agree with Mahony's for a poboy. Parkway, Parkway, Crabby Jacks, and Parenton's are good options as well.. Cochon/Butcher, GW Fins, K Pauls, Boucherie, Clancy's, Casamento's, Rio Mar, Commander's, Bayona, Mat and Naddie's, Dick and Jenny's, Coquette, Central name just a few...leave the FQ and go Uptown for a while...plenty of stuff on Magazine.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta It does. You are an idiot. Ethnic cuisine here in Houston is far better than anything Atlanta can offer up. And to the comment about Landry's owning everything, that quite a bit of an exaggeration. I hate what they did to Kemah, but they are far from an empire here in Houston. The Mandola family holds that title.
Given any thought to New Orleans?
ATL doesn't have better food than Houston. ATL and Houston are pretty similar....minus the refineries and access to the GoM.
Besh opened a Luke in San Antonio not too long ago. Why he chose San Antonio still baffles me.
LSU '08...Petroleum Engineering
I love Houston...but I also grew up here. Great food, decent night life, fishing, hunting, plenty of recent grads, center of the oil and gas industry, close enough to Austin, Dallas, New Orleans, Baton Rouge etc for a quick weekend trip. Weather sucks, and almost everything outside the 610 loop is God awful, but otherwise, I have no complaints.
Completion engineer in the oil and gas industry.
Hangout Fest>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bonnaroo
Crawfish season is still going, what with the flood in the Basin and all, crabs are starting to run as well. Poboys-Mahoney's, Parkway, Crabby Jacks, Parenton's Muffaletta-Central Grocery Cochon/Butcher, GW Fins, K Pauls, Boucherie, Clancy's, Rio Mar, Stein's Deli Coquette, August, Mila Bayona all have lunch specials if you want to do some of the better places in town for cheap. Casamento's is closed for the summer unfortunately
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