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The shoes feel good, no room to spare though
These boots are 44.5 U but they fit much snugger than my 44.5 shoes. They are tighter in the toes and instep. I bought these from a previous owner. Since Vass does not mark the width, I believe maybe these are a narrower than normal width, E instead of F ????
  Here is my foot in a 44.5 U last
So you think they will stretch out a little as they break in?   An interesting fact is I take a 44.5 (whole size larger) in U last. Is this normal?   What is your opinion for the K last?
Vass museum plum MTO from Ascot. size 43.5 - F last, maybe I should have gone 44. Very snug fit, good in the morning, gets tight by the end of the day. For comparison I am 9.5 in almost all Carmina and Lobb, 10 for Ed Green and G&G.
Vass museum plum MTO
No that's a New York strip steak!!
Thanks amigo!
These are one of my favorite pair of my entire collection.
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