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I don't have the original box, the number written inside is 74087 Don't know if that is the model number. A google search came up empty. I found a pair of Aldens that are almost identical.  
  Sporting the warrior's blue and gold! Ron Rider boots.
Carmina Simpson last, I size up 1/2, works for me.
I did a little Google searching on line and found what looked to be a good legitimate option. They charge a one time fee of 5 pounds to join. I filled out the form but when it got time for the credit card information I hesitated and did another search on feedback for this site. Good thing, it turns out to be a fraud scammer website that takes your money and is never heard from againthe site ishttp://www.ukaddress.com/BEWARE!I did find a legitimate site but then discovered...
The Simpsons!
  I found a few re-shippers online. Does anyone have any experience with these services or could offer any recommendations?ThanksYes the shoes are so discounted it is worth the hassle!
New Posts  All Forums: