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I have mine shipped to my office  Hope my wife doesn't read the forum!
AmigoWe live in the digital age, photos are endless and free!I'll post photos of my Saint "C" collection this weekend.
Hey Ttown are you ever going to post photos of all those shoes that you're getting? By my count you have Saint C's, G&G's, John Lobbs, Vass, Carminas & EG's. Wow what a haul! 
Finally have Lattanzi in the collection and shell cordovan at that. Found them by chance on eBay, could not resist. 
I could not resist this pair. A touch big but will work with thick socks and insoles. Photos in the wild soon to follow.
Thanks razl
  Thinning the collection  SUTOR MANTELLASI   Split Toe, Monk Strap, Norvegese Stitching, Pebble Grain Leather Dark chocolate brown, Mint condition, worn once. I am between US 10.5 and 11 and they are a little snug for me I would call them a true to size US 10.5 Very nice shoes Come with shoe bag Trees are not included          
The deep purple is intriguing. Could you post more photos?
For my fellow Lobb lovers viewing pleasure, enjoy. https://www.flickr.com/photos/modern-vintage/sets/72157602516581064/with/1629641246/
I have 15 pair of Carminas and I'm very happy with all of them. Flaws occur occasionally in all brands. Funny how the trolls never offer any photos of their shoes (if they own any?), they just troll! 
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