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outdoor and indoor photos
How does the F last compare to the P2 last? If I wear 43.5 F will a 43 P2 work?
People really make fake John lobb shoes? This is the first I've ever heard of that
38...40... what's a couple of mm's difference ??? Actually it doesn't look that big to me but I do have a 7.5" wrist.
  Edward Green
Midnight blue 888 last
I am wearing  EG 10/10.5 888 last today. Nice snug (but not too snug) fit. My equivalent Lobb Size is 9.5 - 7000 last. All my EG's fit a half size smaller than my Lobbs.
Looks good to me. I have to try out that style of strap, I'm assuming it's the same as a nato strap?
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