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  Barker Black, plain socks for a change!
These Carminas found me on eBay. 
Gracias amigo! Following your lead.
Simpson last, I went up 1/2 size, works well.
 These are size 44. I find the U last very similar to the Carmina Simpson last (that I happen to be wearing today). By the end of the day my toes start to feel a little squeezed. Quality wise, I don't see much difference between Carmina and Vass (at least the Vass pair that I have)Maybe Vass comes in different grades?The 43.5 F last shoes are still out there, tempting me!!!!
Not so exotic, black calf, u last .
Seldom wear black shoes. Vass.  Picked up 5 pair of RL cashmere blend socks from eBay. Pants are Kiton.
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