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Zimmermann & Kim use UK sizing for Vass. What would a 10UK be in Vass euro sizing? Anybody know. I sent them an email but I don't expect an answer for a few days.
I don't know Justin seems to do it every day 
IMHO Carmina trumps Alden. Better looking lasts also
They are Trapeze sky blue dune calf, kopped them on eBay about a year ago. They get very polarizing comments, from "great shoes" to intense ridicule. No problem for me, i luv'em!
What is the width? If they are wider than standard I my have a chance of fitting into them. I have experienced a lot of inconsistency with Vass sizing. I have boots in 44.5 U last and they are very narrow in the toes and instep, also have shoes in 44.5 U and they fit better (still snug but tolerable). I recently got boots in 43.5 F and they fit well, but they almost have the same physical dimensions as the U. U is a hair longer??? Is this typical?
Thank you for the honest feedback.  These are Lobb also believe it or not! What color would you pair the EG's with?
And now for something completely different.  Taking the old yacht out for a sail!!
The reactions to my shoes today ran the polar extremes from "great shoes" to extreme ridicule.  What's your take? Don't worry I can take it!
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