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The standard answer to my wife is " oh those? I've had them for a while." eventually she is going to catch on! 
I definitely concur. 
Do you mean Carmina or Fedex????
I had a similar experience with Carmina. These beauties arrived 5 days after ordering them. Paid $40 to fedex for import fees. Almost too smooth, I could easily order several more pair. 
I've never done it although I am quite capable We could start a new thread posing nude with your new shoes! 
  DM's ?
Here is a link that might help.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/148934/john-lobb-factory-sale-and-shoe-trees-for-1306-last
[[SPOILER]] Thinking about joining in the fun. What size did you order and do you wish you would have sized down a half?
For sale a beautiful pair of  SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Spectator brogues from the TRAMEZZA line Black calf & brown full quill ostrich leather Absolutely gorgeous shoes They are tagged Italian 10.5 EE Italian sizing runs very large, add a full size + to get the US size. I found this out the hard way Also the EE is not a US width, Ferragamos are normally very narrow so the width on these is pretty much normal.  These will fit a US 11.5 to a smallish US 12 They are in...
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