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Thanks gentlemen for the responses 
Thanks for the advice. The escorial has no size tag but measures to a large 46 to smaller 48.
Thanks for the advice @Orgetorix  Maybe I'll try to sell the fake job on Craig's List  
I promise last question for today. I have a knock-off Versace suit. I want to list it but make no mention of the brand, just describe it as a inexpensive suit. I cut out the labels in the photos. Do you think this is risky? I was going to state in the description that it is not what it appears to be. If not what the hell do I do with it? I'm sure someone would take it for $100 or so!    
While I'm at it, I have this Brioni escorial wool jacket that I want to list. The sleeves have been lengthened but It has working sleeve buttons so it looks "goofy". Should I invest some money to have the sleeves shortened to a normal look? How much do you guess it would cost? Or should I sell "as is"  
Gentlemen I was very excited to list this gorgeous Enrico Isaia hand tailored jacket and then I discovered this. Took the wind out of my sails. Question, is there any kind of repair possible? I'm not trying to hide it but make it less severe. Only good thing is that it's in an inconspicuous spot on the inside back of the sleeve. Or should I try to sell it "as is"? This is the only flaw.  
Thanks to my enabling friends on this forum I have become quite the Seiko collector. Excellent PMW's. Lots of bang for the buck! Excuse the wrong day & date, details!!  
They are Carmina on the Simpson last. The color is stated as Gris which is Spanish for Gray! 
 Here is another one for the block list, brand new member, never paid or communicated.   pedrpadill5     I am having a lot of incidents where I accept bidder's offers and they don't follow through.  Very annoying.
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