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Tri-color Vass today
After wearing these all day I have decided "no more U last" Visually a little too pointy for my taste and definitely toe cramping (and I have a normal foot) Good thing I don't have to walk much for my job. Otherwise good looking boot.
I scored a pair of ravello chukkas a couple of years ago from shoemart before I knew about the Barrie last. Got size 11, when they arrived they looked big enough to fit a giant. Had to send them back. Great score I'm jealous.
Where in the world did you find those???
In short, if the style first you, I couldn't recommend them more. Is this what you mean? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0RTD7250II
Roger, If you were a size 9.5 you'd be costing me a lot of money. Great selection.
 Looking good, can't wait for mine to arrive.
I'll look when I get home but I think they are listed as UK size. I'll get back to you.
I have a pair of those, I'm thinking "rain last?"
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