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Lots of things don't make sense on USPS. The other day I had 2 sales to the same person (west coast to east coast). I could ship separately using 1st class for $4 each. Shipped together priority mail would cost $12. And of course he wanted a combined shipping discount.
To be nit-picky- no socks - but the rest is so spectacular you are forgiven
I have a nice vintage Missoni tie that has a stain on the back. Do you think the dry cleaners can get it out? Is it worth the trouble and expense? Do I sell it as is? Do I use it as a freebie throw in? Do I donate it??  
If we went to a flat tax that means Trump would have to pay his fair share. Never going to happen!
Thinning out my shoe collection This model is not compatible with my high instep I wore them once for only half a day For your consideration a beautiful pair of single monk straps by JOHN LOBB  They are the rare Horsley model on the 1306 last They are size UK 10E equal to a US size 11 normal width They measure 12 11/16" outside length, 11 3/4" inside length 4 1/4" outside width Original box & shoe bags included Shoe trees NOT INCLUDED
The shoes would look better if the trees were actually inside them. Also wrinkled shirts are not very appealing. Photos need upgrading. Items need to have "name brand recognition" Off brand stuff will never sell. Keep at it, it'll get better!
Thinning out my collection For your consideration a stunning pair of shoes by CARMINA of SPAIN These are the single monk strap model on the rain last Beautiful burgundy color I only wore them once for half a day My high instep is not compatible with the monk strap design Excellent condition, no flaws Carmina  size 9.5 equals US size 10.5 Measurements Inside Length = 11 1/2" Outside Length = 12 1/8" Width = 4 1/8" Shoe trees NOT included  
You forgot the socks!
Most smokers don't realize that they STINK!
Thinning out my collection For your consideration a stunning pair of shoes by EDWARD GREEN These are the Ladbroke model on the 888 last Beautiful midnight antique blue color They have been worn less then 5 times Excellent condition, no flaws whatsoever Ed Green size 10 -10 1/2 equals US size 11 Measurements Inside Length = 11 1/2" Outside Length = 12 3/8" Width = 4" SHOE TREES INCLUDED
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