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  I concur.
Buday shoes feel more substantial, thicker leather, better soles, metal toe taps are standard. When I hold a Buday in one hand and a Vass in the other, the Buday feels heavier with much better construction. Frankly some of my Vass shoes are just okay quality while all my Buday's are first class. I guess the big difference is the last shapes. Vass offer sleeker Italian style shapes while Buday is more 'stout" Budapester style although they do offer a sleeker last....
They are whiskey shell cordovan, BP39 last.  Double decoration goiser, Double sole.  I got them from @edmorel here on the forum. Buday are incredibly well made awesome shoes, IMHO they blow Vass right out of the water. I have worn them 4 times and they still don't show any creases or rolls. Take note Alden. The first time I wore my Aldens I put them on in my upstairs bedroom, by the time I got to the kitchen both shoes had permanent creases.
Thanks, It is a Tutima German made.
Not quite a poor mans watch but not fancy enough for the "other thread" Maybe we should start a middle class watch thread?
George Cleverley    
These are in my top 5, really like these shoes, looks & comfort.
Buday, close to my favorite pair of shoes, top 5 for sure  
Buday, William Abraham socks
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