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I like cordovan but I hate the hideous creases and rolls. In my experience you need to have a very good ( almost glove like) fit to minimize the creasing, also Carmina cordovan resists creasing much better than Alden. I put on a new pair of Aldens in my upstairs bedroom, by the time I got to the kitchen I had permanent creases. On the other hand several of my shell Carminas have little to no creasing.
I know you are tired of seeing my JeanRichard but let the shirt bashing begin     
Lodgers, they went out of business, excellent shoes with first class shoe boxes, These are a touch too big, may have to put them on the block!, stay tuned indoor shot
My friend at work has an Apple watch, very annoying, always making a racket,  "you have an email" Don't need my watch telling me that, smart phones are annoying enough.  
  Ron Rider. I saw on the boots thread that a member was considering a pair of brown chukkas by Stefano Bemer for over 1,100 euros. These were $150. Get a grip. I have the same pair in brown also.
Any thoughts on Android? I picked this one up for little $'s. I like the shade of blue. I'm just amazed at how many watch brands are available (and of course this thread helps me find them), 
Very elegant
Chunky is right, they probably weigh about 2 pounds each
Here's something different Heinrich Dinkelacker  
 Heinrich Dinkelacker! Shell cordovan
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