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  Carmina "Robert last" maiden voyage
Good strategy, I need to do the same. Lord knows (and my wife constantly reminds me) I have enough of everything.
Thanks Mimo. The Zenith Port Royal is excellent, I feel you loud and clear, all great choices. I did a lot of damage in the last 2 months and I'm not really in the market for another watch. Problem is I get emails from Ashford and Jonas and got "discount drunk" From now on they're going in the spam folder! Thanks all for your good advice.
Thanks mate, it is indeed chestnut museum. I also got the matching belt.
I resisted although I still think it is a great looking watch, but too much moola. 
    to all three of you  
yeah baby
From what I see, it is very rare that people pay full retail on any watch these days.
I have resisted so far, sale ends today. Must stay strong!
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for the advice Dino, sometimes you get 'discount drunk"  20K watch for 3.5K. I still think its a great looking watch. I'm going to sleep on it!
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