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 It was 81 degrees that day and it was casual Thursday on our Friday off week and my office is right next to a yacht harbor so I thought maybe I can make them believe that one of the yachts is mine!!!
Stefano Bemer, photos came out crummy today, suede can be hard to photograph.
I have Rubi shell boots so I can't justify shoes also!!! Can I?????
I found this kind of interesting, how the same shoes can look very different depending on the photos These caught my eye on the Zimmermann & Kim site I searched for them on the Vass site and got this photo   http://www.vass-cipo.hu/Eng/Modellek_08_Olasz/Modell_08_118_Nagy.html   These look quite a bit different, do you agree?   I much prefer the first photo. Still mulling it over 
Zimmermann & Kim use UK sizing for Vass. What would a 10UK be in Vass euro sizing? Anybody know. I sent them an email but I don't expect an answer for a few days.
I don't know Justin seems to do it every day 
IMHO Carmina trumps Alden. Better looking lasts also
They are Trapeze sky blue dune calf, kopped them on eBay about a year ago. They get very polarizing comments, from "great shoes" to intense ridicule. No problem for me, i luv'em!
What is the width? If they are wider than standard I my have a chance of fitting into them. I have experienced a lot of inconsistency with Vass sizing. I have boots in 44.5 U last and they are very narrow in the toes and instep, also have shoes in 44.5 U and they fit better (still snug but tolerable). I recently got boots in 43.5 F and they fit well, but they almost have the same physical dimensions as the U. U is a hair longer??? Is this typical?
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