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. I'm feeling better every day. Thank you so much @SoGent
Thanks, the rough part only lasted a little while. I'm feeling great now and 3 months off with pay is quite nice. Lucky I had good insurance, my out of pocket was $5000, they paid all the rest (over $500,000) I have been selling off some of my shirts (wife is nagging me) but there's not too much money in it!
Good eye, yes indeed.
My cardiologist is a bit of a watch fan. He commented on it but he wouldn't trade me for his Breitling  
@mimo I had a mysterious heart murmur discovered at childhood. It took years to diagnose. Turns out I was born with a defective valve. It did not affect my activity much in my youth (it did keep me from being drafted for the Vietnam war). The doctors did warn me that it would get worse with time and would have to be dealt with. In the last two years I started feeling symptoms, tight chest from mild exercise, near fainting episodes (not good when you're driving). I finally...
Thank you @mimo and @RogerP  Another month and I'll be back to full strength. My daily uniform for the last two months has been shorts and flip flops. I do miss wearing my "fancy" shoes and strapping on a nice watch. (but I DO NOT miss working and commuting)
I have been recovering from a serious surgery, felt good enough today to make an impromptu trip to Napa wine country. First time I've strapped a watch on in weeks (not to mention put on a pair of shoes)
Attention Saint C lovers! This eBay seller has several new pairs ending today at very low prices. Unfortunately none in my size.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-Saint-Crispins-Chocolate-Brown-Pebblegrain-Queens-Cap-Toe-Leather-Shoes-12-E-/311679570148?hash=item48918cd0e4:g:uawAAOSwtnpXmoao
Ya think maybe somebody might actually get around to posting a photo of a watch?  
Buday rocks!
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