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Gracias amigo! Following your lead.
Simpson last, I went up 1/2 size, works well.
 These are size 44. I find the U last very similar to the Carmina Simpson last (that I happen to be wearing today). By the end of the day my toes start to feel a little squeezed. Quality wise, I don't see much difference between Carmina and Vass (at least the Vass pair that I have)Maybe Vass comes in different grades?The 43.5 F last shoes are still out there, tempting me!!!!
Not so exotic, black calf, u last .
Seldom wear black shoes. Vass.  Picked up 5 pair of RL cashmere blend socks from eBay. Pants are Kiton.
Thanks, great value for excellent quality and style shoes. Carminas have become my favorite! 
Thanks These days internet sites are full of advertisements and also (scary) they know your likes. These shoes came up in an ad while I was surfing the net. "you might be interested in these" Oh yeah, clicked on the link, took me to ebay, open auction, no reserve, took a shot and won. I can't help it, shoes find me.  
I had no idea prices were so low, for cordovan also????
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