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New with box Kiton burgundy pebbled leather wingtip boot. Tagged Kiton size 10 equal to a generous US 11, slightly wide. These are light boots, very supple leather. Rubber soles, believe they are dainite. Measures 12 3/4" outside length 11 3/4" inside length 4 7/16" outside width Recently purchased these on SF but they are a half size too large. Disclosures. The back boot tabs have been cut off. The description on the Kiton box does not match the shoes.  $650...
Euro, did you special order the paint job? I'm looking at the same boot on their site but the color is not the same nor do I see an option for hand painting. Thanks
If they were 10.5 they would be gone in a heartbeat. gorgeous and great price.   Maybe post some measurements, by some miracle they mat fit!
IMHO they are the best looking and classiest socks on the market. They only come in over the calf length. The quality and comfort are outstanding however they are very expensive. They are a once in a while treat. Great idea for a birthday or Christmas gift. Hint hint!!  
My entry to the fall challenge, Barker shoes, William Abraham socks, Loro Piana cords.
Santoni loafers Don't forget the Fall challenge tomorrow!!
I'm 63 and have no problem with ruby!  or navy or green!
As they say in Brazil, "Obrigado tio Mac"
Lobb loafers
I'm in 
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