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Boston I don't know for sure but I'm leaning towards acorn and yes I'm not afraid of color  Here is today's shirt
These rank in my top ten (maybe top 5) and I have a LOT of shoes!
I am really drawn to this one. Waiting for a "flash sale"http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/jeanrichard/terrascope/60500-11-704-BBBB.pid?nid=cpg_cat6037&so=44
Do you mean a wallet full of money?My pair fit snuggly, my feet were feeling it by the end of the day but I'm sure they will break in nicely. I like a snug fit to minimize creasing (especially in shell cordovan leather). These had no creasing after a days wear. On the other hand I have another pair 1/2 size larger (same last) and they formed creases immediately.
Thanks  ZapAll of my Lobbs have superior leather. Very easy to get the mirror shine. I will be using neutral wax, I want to maintain the grayish color.
I got my two at Ashford. Very pleased. When I pick my watch for the day I am always drawn to my "JR's" Ashford is always having sales, I got both of mine for $749 (each), flash sale. You won't be disappointed. http://www.ashford.com/us/watches/jeanrichard/cat6037.cid?N=12106&Ns=primarySKU.activePriceValue_emptysaleprice_plist2960030%7C0&catId=cat6037&pn=brand&q_sortOption=SO_currentPrice&trackUsrOptn=true
They can be had for $149 on eBay & Amazon. I am very tempted! http://www.ebay.com/itm/121967436482 http://www.amazon.com/Orient-ER24009W-Bambino-Leather-Automatic/dp/B00HFYUJMS/ref=swr_wa_3_ses
Phillip II, pewter museum thanks to @magicspot
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