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I bought these about 3 years ago from an SF member, Earthdragon I believe.
So it was you!!!!!!!!!! Darn you, I thought I had these babies in the bag!  
A Galway day is a good day!
The suede makes them more flexible, therefore more comfortable. Sometimes the leather uppers make the boots feel pretty stiff.
  I have many pairs of boots by several different makers but I have to say Ed Green is king!
Not happy with the photos today. Maiden voyage, feet were complaining by the end of the day. Hopefully they'll break in soon.
Vass museum plum, photos don't do them justice.
Check out these casual Ron Rider boots at a great price, also very fine quality.   http://riderboot.com/shop/rider-boot-co-walker-lite-in-brown-suede/   http://riderboot.com/shop/rider-boot-co-jackson-in-brown-smooth-brown-grain/     http://riderboot.com/shop/rider-boot-co-colin-in-waxy-kudu-snuff/    http://riderboot.com/shop/rider-boot-co-jackson-in-antique-brown/
  My tri-colored Vass
Nice, I was going to guess Lobb. Fine pair of shoes you say, I must check it out, Oh OH!
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