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These are my black cherry lizard western boots from way back. I would  be in for a chelsea in the bordeaux or brown. In my opinion black doesn't showcase the leather enough. I believe black lizard in a cap toe oxford is currently available from the Carmina website.
Any chance of these making another round? Would love to get a pair.
I can not find these on the unipair web site.
Very nice. I guess there are more of us than I thought  
This was my first shell cordovan purchase. Since them I have assembled quite a collection of shell boots. I need to thin out. As much as I like these I tend to gravitate to my dressier choices. I don't see myself getting a lot of use from these. These are the 721LTD. I believe this was the original issue of the 1000 mile cordovan collection. These are number 296 of 1000. They are a very "true to size" 10.5 D. I wore them twice, they are in excellent shape, no issues, no...
WOLVERINE 1000 MILE, my first of several more shell cordovan purchases. They are addicting!
Very very nice
Muchas gracias Tio Mac
Carmina, love the rain last and full brogue style. 
Love the rain last and the full brogue style. Ordered these in 10, should have gone 9.5. Now I know. Arrived in 5 days from Spain. Great service.
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