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    Alfred Sargent Chelseas, great color
I have always been intrigued by their patina options, maybe one of these days!
Must be maiden voyage.
No sheet, those Edward Green Halifax, Uk 10/10.5US In Willow Country Calf are SCREAMING my name.Must stay strong (maybe)
Welcome back Crusty!
I meant fancy as in pricey   SF members know that i'm not afraid of "fancy shoes" 
I enjoy wearing these very much, the fit is excellent and they get a lot of compliments.
I am between a US 10 1/2 and 11, say 10 3/4. normal width.I take a 9.5 in Carmina Rain, Forest and Robert.Don't have experience with AE, I do own a pair (10.5 US) put not familiar with the last.in Vass I have a 43.5 F that fits pretty snug but wearable. This pair is 44 and fits a little more generous, room for thicker socks. I think I'll stick with 44 in the future.
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