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All of the above & the ticking is very loud. Just to be clear I did not buy this particular watch but it was a similar deal on face book. Here is a photo of what I got.
I made the mistake of buying a similar watch that I saw on facebook, pure junk. I would suggest that you stay clear.
I grew up in SF, now I live in Antioch an east bay city, half hour from Oakland. I used to be a weekly visitor to Yoshi's, (I have at least 80 ticket stubs) not so much now. Seems like the greats are either gone or not touring as much. I'm going in February to see Branford Marsalis with Joey Calderazzo & Kirt Elling. That will be great.
The beauty (or danger) of this thread is getting introduced to new makers. A week ago I had no knowledge of Chr.Ward. Today I have one (thank you @justridiculous for being the enabler) Have a ball bashing my sweater!
Peppercorn you are an animal!  and I mean it in a nice way  When are you going to make it to the west coast? Yoshi's is a great venue.
Gracias Spoo
I'm not sure, snake or ostrich leg (or something else ?)
I could swear those were Carminas. They look just like the ones I posted a week ago.
Took a trip to Napa wine country with a Romanian couple on Sunday so perfect Saint C day!
Thinning out my shoe collection I'm moving this pair because they run large and my feet swim around in them. For your consideration a pair of handgrade balmoral brogues by D.C. LEWIS - Porter Model This is a small brand not very well known yet Traditional English design and styling. Goodyear-welted construction. Channeled soles. Fiddleback waist. The quality rivals shoes twice its price. Signature ram's head medallion. Medium brown - full grain Italian box...
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