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I had the same exact opinion when these arrived. I recently copped some Lattanzis and found the Santoni work to be very comparable.
Thank you kind sir.  Very pleased with them, lucky find on eBay.
  No puedo!
I found these Santoni's on eBay. Excellent price and condition.
My latest pair arrived today. Photos in the wild coming soon.    
Merci beaucoup 
@Zapasman I agree with you. Too much yada yada, not enough photos on this thread. So here's a few examples of my collection.                                  
Big difference in value! Wish me luck
Never mind my awesome wife figured it out, Yashi Yamamuri
  This shirt has been hanging in my closet forever. I want to sell it on ebay but I can't decipher the cursive. I got it in SF years ago at one of those obscure Italian designer stores. I've tried several combos of letters and come up empty. Help anyone! It's very nice rayon fabric.
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