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Vass whiskey shell cordovan austerity U-cap boot on double leather soles with inset metal toe taps. These were shaped on the F-last, size 43.5. I got them from an SF member. He would have a better handle on MTO time. I'll put the link to the original listing http://www.styleforum.net/t/445218/sold-vass-whiskey-shell-cordovan-austerity-u-wing-high-boot-43-5-f-last
That's pretty much my size and I wear 9.5 in most Carmina's. I have 3 pair of boots in 9.5 Forest last, great fit.
 Thanks Roger, I thought about the purchase for a while, then I got lucky and made some sales, so what the hell!!Glad nobody beat me to them.
 I'm coming clean, I just purchased these from a fellow SF member. He did all the hard work. Why he decided not to keep them is beyond me but I'm glad ! ! ! !I was worried about the fit since 44 U last is pretty snug on my feet but these 43.5 F last fit very nice, similar to my Carmina 9.5 Rain and Forest.
 The Carmina web site has green cordovan brogues (I have a pair, awesome)However they don't have the lizard chelseas which I would love to purchase.Strange. Maybe I can contact the Barcelona store.
They're here, couldn't wait, 43.5 F last, perfect fit.
Scarpe di Bianco
IMHO i find this to be one of the best looking shoe styles available. I am craving this style in burgundy. Leatherfoot has them but alas not in my size.
Hate to part with these but they are too big. JOHN LOBB Rare museum pewter jodphur boots In excellent condition, no issues Marked R but no sign of flaws to the naked eye Size UK 10.5 equal to a generous US 11.5 Soles have been topied with heel taps $700 shipped to the USA International buyers contact me for shipping cost
Thanks. They are a GMTO from Epaulet about a year ago. They're one of my favorite pairs.
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