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Make sure you inspect it thoroughly, Vicuna is like filet mignon for moths!
Did it feel good? 
I'm not getting the shipping discount on paypal today. I got it two days ago. I go to and it redirects to the paypal home site. 
Maybe also a note that customs (import) fees are the responsibility of the buyer. I have had cases where buyers were furious at me because they had to pay fees.
Glycine today
Story of my styleforum experience. Thank you enabler!
Black & red yesterday   Blue & brown today.  
Does anybody have experience shipping to Belarus? Safe?
That is such BS. That would not make one bit of difference in the shipping cost not to mention there has to be some allowance for accuracy since different scales will weigh differently.
Welcome to the club! and of course us sellers have no recourse, can't even give them bad feedback!
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