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If my memory serves me well I think I got them at a Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store. Can't remember the brand, nothing too fancy 
Thanks Eric, these are on the Mako last. @edmorel has another pair if you are a UK 10.5. Unreal price!
@mimo This ladies B&M is going for $549     http://enews.jomashop.com/q/XYxdmnfGWlHzAYYJKpxg1Lxix_O0bUEo4lYwggiF--pOYiyQT1YYHSQYp
Picked these up from Ed, great shoes, excellent workmanship, the lasted trees are outstanding. 
Try this link, it is only good for 4 days, may end today. use code VD-BM900     http://enews.jomashop.com/q/gjnAPWUwaRavvjVeBfKpMfOuChfl9-3-REvcppCzxxb1vW5QYcjvaxNLg
This B&M is on sale for $749, a little over your range but one heck of a deal. I thought about getting it for my wife but she is so hard on watches, ouch.       http://www.jomashop.com/baume-mercier-watch-m0a10071.html?trk_msg=5I1L6SU82ALK92I0T667BP0EVK&trk_contact=04UD5DACCQJFCKT2SCJG0L710C&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=http%3a%2f%2fwww.jomashop.com%2fbaume-mercier-watch-m0a10071.html&utm_campaign=2016%2f02%2f01+VD+Doorbusters+Email
Those are Carmina cordovan boots, Forest last.
Thanks my man. It's by Jhane Barnes, I collect her shirts, very unique designs.
IMHO this is a great example of a poor man's watch.
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