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For the amusement of my SF friends, having some fun on a super casual Friday     Vintage Hush Puppies
Not to mention that great watch, as the kids say "you got it going on!!!"
Thanks Gianni
These were a special order from C&J that were never picked up. Lucky for me just my size.  
[[SPOILER]] Awesome boots   Deets please   
Cleav has never met a DM that he didn't like 
  Carmina Epaulet MTO,  Simpson last, A bit narrow, okay if you don't have to walk too far. I just need to walk from the garage to my desk and sit behind a computer all day. I wouldn't do the simpson next time.
crzcrz won the "spring challenge" but didn't set up the next one. For shame. Cleav maybe you should come up with a challenge for next week.  
Easter socks, matching shirt.     I chose the socks first, then I remembered I had a shirt with similar colors. I am a sick man  
New Posts  All Forums: