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Yes they didn't bother me until later in the day. In hindsight size 10 probably would have been better but like you say suede is more forgiving.
@halfnhalfnhalf I'll mull it over   but   
Another toe cramping day. Yesterday Vass U last, today Carmina Simpson last. Need to give my toes a break tomorrow.
Kind of boring actually, I wouldn't mind a little variety (but not like Boston)
  Another toe cramping day. 9.5 works for my other Carminas but in Simpson last I should have sized up a half.
Have you tried venetian cream? I read that it works great on cordovan.
Si, muy bueno. Y es verdad!
Meanwhile in Sunny California, no rain in sight and temps hovering around high 60's to 70.
No streching on those??. They look to me too narrow in the ball, low and high instep. low and high instep? ¿Qué quieres decir con eso
They're still wearable, just not that comfy but 
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