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Mainly a Social engineering issue. Short of 2 step authentication which involves serious privacy issues you can't really do much about it other than to repeat the usual password stuff. Shell shock is an actual security issue, very different.The A8 is very fast in reasonable eco system, I wouldn't be that worried. As for the blunders I really don't think its any worse than it was under Jobs, its just you now have something to attribute any problems to.The worst part about...
Be careful with the screwed sole on that MTO. It makes it *very* easy to scratch the boot.
How do you find n-trig?
Moleskine has terrible paper and Leuchttrum is hit and miss. More miss for me but I use a very fine (and hence dry) nib.Try Rhodia for something common or scour FPN for various other options (even better Japanese stuff or cheaper options)
Locals are probably going to be agro about haoles that time of year (having had no surf for about 1/2 a year), doesn't matter for much if you keep touristy areas tho.
The Otto is a stovetop and makes coffee that has more in common with that than normal espresso, I've had a shot from one but otherwise haven't used one for long enough to comment more other than warning that the grind requirements make it questionable for travel. Unless you really want stovetop there are other things I'd get in that price range depending on your exact requirements.
I like mine. The control makes it somewhat more forgiving than most filter based methods. I tend to the faffing around end of coffee making however as have pretty exacting brew temperatures / weights / times /grind routines. This isn't really needed however and I can make very good cups without timing / measuring anything. Its certainly easier than any manual cone based variants I've tried (CCD / V60 / chemex).One thing that should be mention here is that I prefer metallic...
I'm still around. I can post ordering details if anyone cares. Holding up well.For the Brisbane meet.I can do next week but it looks we may be better off waiting till JM gets back.
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