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Assuming you mean this Saturday its going to be questionable surf wise.Ankle snappers at swell magnets til Tuesday. Mild trade swell wed/thur... with 15-20kt SE's. Byron will become a circus with people coming early for Bluesfest. A few options I can pull out but it depends on what you want out of a wave and how much you like to drive. I'd probably save the board fees (!) without a car.Edit In general be prepared for a significant influx of Bluesfest patrons to the point...
1) ??? Randolph / AO are the actually USAF ones (they trade the contract). This seems so backwards.2) My KRISVANASSCHE sneakers wear wide if that helps.
I'd be legitimately interested in spirits splits. I can't seem to finish a standard bottle these days because I keep wanting to try something else. I think some of my whisk(e)y is 5+ years since purchase.
11.5" sits like a (very) low rise. 13-14" is a pretty standard mid rise for me. 15-16" is comfortable for trousers that will be worn with a jacket. 33" waist doesn't help with big and tall either.High rise stuff often has odd proportions when worn lower.Long rise LE stuff is ~12-13 inches depending on waist size. Its sadly the former for me.
I'm a touch taller (6'7" / / 2m) but I haven't found a good solution. OTR rises are generally too low to get anything sitting well for me. The tight quads thing is generally fixed by sizing up and getting them taken in.
I love mine.They have a different texture to cotton rather than being better in some kind of objective sense. They become soft after a bit of use but I'd never call mine smooth in the way good cotton can get.
Only if you toe strike badly. Sadly its toe strikers that gain the most benefit.
Tape. I was listening to some glorious reel to reel last weekend and it was all an experience...Disappointing 1st innings effort in the cricket Warner and Johnson aside.
Mainly a Social engineering issue. Short of 2 step authentication which involves serious privacy issues you can't really do much about it other than to repeat the usual password stuff. Shell shock is an actual security issue, very different.The A8 is very fast in reasonable eco system, I wouldn't be that worried. As for the blunders I really don't think its any worse than it was under Jobs, its just you now have something to attribute any problems to.The worst part about...
Be careful with the screwed sole on that MTO. It makes it *very* easy to scratch the boot.
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