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Quote: Originally Posted by speedster.8 Has to be some of the stranger C&J i have seen, if they are ... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MENS-GENUINE-O...mZ190241215429 I could be wrong, but I believe those are South African made Crockett and Jones. I know that contradicts the listing, but I don't see any image of the shoe that supports it being English made, and they have that sort of air about them. (There are two AAAC articles talking about this...
Hi, I got these as a late Christmas gift as something to wear in the Summer. I wear an 8 and sadly these are too large for me. Condition: Brand new, never worn. Color: Sand. Made in France. Size: Markings say: 41/8.5 Sole length: 27cm Sole width: 9cm (across ball of foot). Traditional espadrille construction from jute with a treated sole. Asking $25 shipped CONUS. (I was told that shipping from ropeysoles.com to the US was a pricey...
Hmm, well having seen how many things come up with a google of the phrase "crazy like a fox", alas I must admit that you're all correct. It seems that it's hardly a rare phrase, what with crazylikeafox.com being a registered domain name. Perhaps I'll start noticing it all over the place now.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris ...is crazy like a fox. I didn't know anyone else knew let along ever made that reference. A fine line indeed!
I just tried to follow the links to Manton's posts on Suit silhouettes. It seems that his posts in that thread have all been taken out and replaced with ellipses. Any idea where they have gone and where I can obtain this information? Frustratingly, all that remains are comments saying how fantastic and encyclopedic the posts were.
You rock j. That is simply amazing!
pm sent for Paul Stuart Trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe those are hot! Well these are monkstraps, but diorshoe would you say they're decadent?
Blast! Would that they were my size. Very very generous.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Bump - reduced - $60 shipped. Oh j, this doesn't bode well. As I mentioned in the Cool Shoes, Paraphernalia & Desiderata thread, I'm using this item as an indicator of what to bid on the ebay pair that'll fit me!
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