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How about some tiffin tins tied by string?
Apparently, if I put my books in fewer but taller piles, they'll look more organized. How paradoxical.
Thanks! Good to know. It seems that nobody bid on the shoes. I think I might pick up some kilties from pediwear.
If an 11.5 SFer buys these and is interested in selling the kilts, I'd buy them off you. I can't justify going all in just to get the kilts, though.
Will that be the five minute argument, or the full half hour?
^^^^ what is that from?
Gentlemen, I'm resurrecting this post because I want to complement Ed on his service and his commitment to his Panta trousers. I posted a brief comment above in which I mentioned considering replacing the button fly with a zip because it had made a peculiar shape in my crotch area. From this comment, Ed PM'd me and asked how he could make it right. I had a closer look and it seemed that there was a minor misalignment between button and button-hole locations on my...
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Macneil+ White Leather please Make that white suede or buckskin, and then you've got me too.
Quote: Originally Posted by robert in LA This set of photos picked up more negative comments than I thought they deserved..... Just my thoughts. :^) I like the spirit of your reply.
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