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would you be able to give us a geographic location? some of the members might have an idea of what the usual trend is in your area.
Metrostyles has got the call just about right. Striped untucked shirt and jeans will make you blend right in. It's a hated look among those who know better, but it's what the college clubbing crowd wears. That said, going a slight notch above or below would do you well. Slightly casual with a nice vneck and nice jeans maybe if you can pull the look of casual well. a nice solid shirt that fits very well will make you stand out just a shade as well as a lot of the stripe...
quick free bump for a fellow longhorn
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 Anyone had any replies from jason lately? Sent him an email a few days back; no response yet. He responded to my email I sent a few days back within a day. You might consider following up if it's been a week (or less if it involves a product currently in production)
Well, I've been looking for MTM trenches, and Burberry is out of my budget right now. I can't seem to find many other options at this price range.
Oh boy. I've been eyeing Indochino coats for a while now, waiting for the right time to buy. Thought it was a pity they only had the Navy. I'm definitely going to be jumping on one of these. Would love to know people's opinions though.
I've been searching the forums these past few days for good options for MTM outerwear. I've found options such as Indochino that are very well priced, and more expensive options such as custom burberry, which is a bit out of my range at the moment. People keep saying there are a lot of places that do custom outerwear, but I can't seem to find many good ones. What are some good places that do MTM outerwear (trenches, overcoats, etc) at a good price (<$650)?
I never knew about this line until seeing it discussed right now and I am devestated. This in a dark brown would have been amazing.
Just put in my order for a conservative Grey Italian super-140's. Can't wait.
Personally, I find myself in a similar situation. One would think a guide for this would have popped up already detailing options for say 4 options of highly conservative vs. more casual combined with young/entry vs. older. What I'll add is that generally the consensus TaT is geared towards fairly slim individuals. Also, some of the park avenue seconds are almost flawless. Otherwise, you can grab them on ebay for ~$250 total.
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