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Does what it says on the tin, PM me if interested. SOLD
Bought these on ebay, selling because they're a bit tight in the waist. I don't own a camera but they're these jeans: $45 $40 $35 shipped conus. NWOB Polo Venedict boots with plaid uppers, $200. Possibly I'm the only one who thinks these look good. The seller has a bunch of sizes.
nm stupid question
I can't see the price for the utility jacket anywhere, am I missing it?
In the pictures on Gilt it looks like the pants are really cut too slim, is that the case in person? Kind of an unanswerable question I guess.
Tailored fit
Not a Spring/Summer question, but has anyone tried wearing J Crew's topcoats over a suit/blazer? What size would I need to wear over a 38r suit? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDroog Try mainline LE instead of LEC for certain items:[/b] LE plaid shirts, slim fit oxford shirts, and slim-fit dress shirts are noticeably better in terms of quality (and potentially fit). I would second this for the LE Oxfords, which don't suffer from the weird ballooning at the waist that afflicts LEC shirts and are generally a lot dressier and nicer looking. I asked a rep on the website at one point...
Is there any difference in appearance between pants that are sold as suit separates and normal wool dress pants that aren't part of a suit? I'm trying to decide whether or not to buy these: Thanks
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