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Naked and Famous lightweight duck cotton Weird Guys in size 33. Practically new. I've worn and washed them twice. Great lighter weight duck that can be worn year around. Very subtle selvage details. I would love to keep, but they are just too small for me. Standard duck color that is somewhere between the lightest and darkest photos below. They have been hemmed to 31" in length and after washing have around a 30.5" inseam.
EG Work Shirt in natural cotton sheeting. Size large. Perfect condition. I purchased this brand new and only wore maybe 2-3 times. I believe it's SS 2012. I had the bottom hemmed 1" which I think makes the proportions more standard instead of the usual excessive length/super high gusset look EG is know to do. I've included a pic of the hem and to show it doesn't even affect the label.
EP Rivet canvas chinos in size 34. Worn with some fading, but no rips, holes, stains, etc. They have not be altered. Full metal buttons. $70 EP Rivet chinos in gunmetal. These have been worn with fading. There is some discoloration in the fades on the back of the knees of which I've included. The photos exaggerate the fading and I actually didn't notice they were like that until photograping. Besides that, no rips, stains, holes or alterations. $60
Two lightly used GBV shirts. Chambray/linen in size large. Great slubby fabric. It's cut not as slim as typical GBV, likely for that more relaxed linen drape. I would say best for a true to size large. Texture strip with great colors in size large. Take a look at the ornate textures and patterns within the stripes. Typical slim, but not tight GBV. Fits like a slim large.
Engineered Garments Desert pants in size 34. Worn, but in good condition.
Really want a pair of the rip stop fatigues. If anybody's interested, I've got a BNWT pair of FW13 navy duck fatigues in size M I'd be willing to trade. They're amazing, just too warm for where I live. Oh, if anyone is wondering how durable the rip stop is, I've done over 1,000 miles cycling in my SS11 (I think?) rip stop fatigue shorts and probably washed 50-100 times. Only had one tiny and hole in the pocket, then my u lock ripped the back pocket (no fault of the...
Classic Batten popover anorak in size medium. Features side zip, drawstring waist and hood. Can be packed into chest pocket. More info... http://www.hickorees.com/brand/battenwear/product/nylon-packable-anorak-wheat
GBV chambray linen in size large. Great lightweight stubby fabric. Fits true to size. Good condition.
Norse Projects Aros Heavy Chino in Olive Drab. Size 34. I only wore these once and unfortunately they are too big. Color is great, but hard to photograph and are more green in person. http://www.endclothing.com/norse-projects-aros-heavy-chino-168336.html
Fatigue shorts are my favorite of all time. I have 4 pair and have probably done about 1,000 miles cycling in my SS11 ripstop. I was planning on picking up another, but I've always worn them with tabs undone. No tabs will be a deal breaker since I'd have to size up and then they'd be way too baggy/long.
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