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I know this is a long shot... I have a brand new pair of Japan Blue x Blue Owl Hanpu chinos that are too small and have just been sitting in my closet. They are size 34 and I'd like to trade for maybe another size 34 that's running big or a 36 that's running small.
Exactly why I highly, highly prefer the new fit. Imo, the old fit is unwearable for anyone with an athletic physique.Agreed. My 08 or 09 workshirt fits very different. Boxier and shorter. I have to wear a size larger and tailor the length on the newer versions, although after alterations I prefer the fit.Agreed.Somewhat true. I have a waxed linen aviator from years ago that's awesome.All that said, I'm still excited for every new season.
Up on eBay now. Starting at $109. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=131464304750
Up on eBay now. Starting at $.99, no reserve. Go get em. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=131464304260
updated list...
I want everything... except i'm an L/34 as well. Damn it.
I may be interested in trading my... khaki bomber (season unknown) chambray workshirt - FW 08 or 09 size M plaid workshirt - ss 12 or 13 plaid workshirt - fw 12 khaki bedford - ss 13 khaki polka dot fatigue shorts - ss 12 size M traded everything size L unless otherwise specified. only interested interested in trading workshirts for other workshirts. can provide pics if there's interest. looking for.. workshirts bombers/aviators popovers fatigue shorts fatigue pants...
Hope it's authentics not slip ons. Authentics and eras are pretty much all I wear.I purchased the EGxVans authentics over the phone on the day of release. I had no luck trying to pick up the slip ons, but it was days after the release.
Rare pair of EG Fatigue Shorts in size M. These are from SS12 and I believe were only available at Nepenthes NY. Lightweight cotton in a khaki polka dot. The close up pic accurately represents the color.
Probably going to regret this, but the climate here doesn't afford many chances to wear these, thus they've never been out of my closet. So up for sale... Brand new with tags FW13 duck cotton fatigue pants, size 34". Perfect condition. You know all about these. Rare duck cotton offering.
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