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I'd second the wm fox recommendation. They have only quality stuff and are good people.
You are never really ready, so start now. Best thing imaginable. I started at 29 and now regret waiting.
Why do the guys on Fox football pre-game show coordinate their ties and pocket squares? Who is telling them to do this? Am I the only one who thinks they look like they got their clothes at the mens warehouse? Does anyone else do this ?
I know Fox on G Street has great stuff and their sale starts tomorrow. Is it worth going to Neimans? BB is typically a waste of time. Any other suggestions?
Thanks. Some very good suggestions. I'm inclined to think that the Aquascutum and Burberry websites may not show all that they have. I may need to start visiting real stores (gasp).
Can anyone suggest where to find a good raincoat? I've been to the Aquascutum and Burberry websites with no luck. It seems very few people make a full length raincoat in a ligher color.
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi Wow. That fabric is Grail Status, for me at least. Not sure about the tie with it, but the suit gets 36 thumbs up from me! What kind of knot is that on the tie?
Don't people in NYC love Neds? I thought you could get a suit there for under $1,500.
That is a damn fine suit, and a steal at that price. Too big for me.
IN stitches--what kind of shoes do you get for $400? I can't find anything between AE and Alden.
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