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measurements? ty!
aside frmo the selvage line, whats the difference between this pair and the ones sold in the US?
price cuts + sold items.
price /////////
no, its just in one piece
price cut. pictures will be posted soon, but i guaruntee it looks just like the model
Topman Slimfit Blazer sz 38. I've never worn because I never had an occasion to. Selling because i am no longer a 38, but a 36. retailed for 175; yours for 125 --> 118 -->100 80 + shipping[/quote]
price cut
price cut.
Khaki colored North Face Parka that was rarely worn and still in near-perfect condition. realized that i dont really need this jacket and its not a part of my rotation anymore, so might as well sell it. actual pictures will be put up tomorrow. asking for SOLD. paypal 4% please. OBO is in play!
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