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bought this shirt, but having doubts about the fit. tell me what you guys think its the length and the width that btoehrs me. tell me if im trippin. i seriously appreciate it!
if anyone has the IH 301s 29 or even 28, id be highly interested.
"Credit to YSB for the idea, just opening one for my size. Don't have anything personally to add but I'm sure this will take off. Title size refers to TAGGED size although actualy measurements along side the tagged size will obviously be very helpfull." -Oasis started due to the success of the other two threads. enjoy!
small and possily stupid question: would APC size 28 be posted on this thread? edit - just read the post. sorry broskeez
price cttttttt
Hello, i've decided to sell this bag simply because i have another bag that i use more. it is in great condition- 9/10 and it is good to go. on amazon, lowest is 40 dollars + shipping used. buy it from me and its yours for 37-->31 dollars shipped CONUS OBO shipped for Davis, ca, located in northern california. Thanks for looking for the specs.
hello, i love your work. i was wondering if it is possible if you can give me the width for the belt. thank you!
measurements? thanks!
measurements on obey shirt?
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