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if anyone has the flathead SE05BSP let me know. interested
78 wool 22 nylon
prooiccccee cuttttttt
price cut
yeah, NF is sold. peacoat left
measurements on parka and what color is it? hard to tell. highly interested.
funny story with both of these i tried selling these earlier and was successful in finding a buyer, but both backed out last minute. i took it as an omen and decided to keep both... one month later, ive realized that these were never touched, so its back for grabs Gap Pea Coat Navy sz Small purchased this january, but realized that i never wear it. wore once outdoors. The fit is nice and perfect for you mediums imo. Retailed for 130, yours for 45->42-->37 shipped im...
price ////
http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/4995/img0635q.jpg i purchased this from a nice guy here on SF, tried it on, and realized that it is simply too big on me. dont think im meant for jcrew =( anyway, im asking for 25 shipped CONUS + 4% unless gift. the shirt is in great condition and i just worn this shirt once indoors on top of the condition of the picture.... shirt looks just like the picture. SOLD SOLD SOLD
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