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just got my leather moto and i love it. if somedays i wear a hoodie underneath while other times i just wear a t-shirt/buttonup/oxford, will the leather strech a significant amount, to a point where it doesn't look too appealing due to the outerwear, or am i just trippin? i feel that if the jacket gets any bigger, i will be unhappy. it is at a perfect fit right now
msrments plz
whats the length? interested
anyone who ordered on or around the deadline receive their moto yet? just curious and eager =0)
getting a bit anxious, do you guys think a 19.7 in p2p for a 36 inch chest as well as a 22 in front length /24 back for someone 5'8 140-147lbs be too tall/wide for a toj moto
What's ur weight and height and Which sz did u get
I just received the toj1 varsity in the mail today and I think it looks awesome overall, but I also realized that my style doesn't really equate with the jacket too well. In other words, I have to buy some other articles of clothing to compliment the jacket the way i would like to. I am still just contemplating,so I just wanted to see if there would be any interest in the market, but still very serious about selling. I literally wore this jacket inside for 15 minutes...
thanks for your fast reply, ryan. would rep if this was soof00. was the 44 too tight to the point of it being unwearable?
hi everyone, i just purchased a toj1 off of drew, but i told him to put in on hold for me due to the sizing. i got his opinion in regards to his sizing and i know that he is probably the most credible person to talk to, but i just want to double check since this is my first toj piece and i hear that this the toj1 is a bit more slim fitting relative to the other jackets toj has produced....anyway, my advice that i am seeking is more for the people who actually purchased...
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