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I have for sale a pre-owned Penfield Gibson Rain jacket in a khaki color and size small that is orignally from Oilo Polloi. I've worn this out a total of about 20 times and the jacket is still in good condition. Here's some product copy about the fabric: "The Gibson is a zip through hooded jacket with classic Penfield features, making it the ideal lightweight option for when the wind blows, the rain falls or the sun shines! The Gibson is made from Hudson Wax Cloth, a...
Looking for any TOJ Black Varsity sz 48. for fast replies, email me at politoskim@gmail.com
any other new jackets in the works aside from the ma1?
a decent amount of bites, but no offers yet!
http://www.styleforum.net/t/325577/temple-of-jawnz-toj-moto-2011-two-pocket-black-lamb toj moto fs
selling my brand New Toj 2011 black moto lamb with two pockets, based around size 46. this jacket has been worn for about 15 minutes total. I realized that this jacket is not necessarily my style, so i want to see if there would be any prospects interested in purchasing this acclaimed piece. my loss is your gain. I weigh 143-145 and i am 5 ft 8 615 shipped or your best offer.. Receive this jacket in a week vs the few month wait. feel free to PM me if you have any...
to you toj leather jacket owners: how much does your guys toj leather stretch? is there anything i can do to prevent the shrinkage? the fit of my toj moto is perfect right now, should i worry about the stretch? edit - after doing some archiving, it looks like the ribbing of the waist just stretches and nothing else. can anyone else verify otherwise? if not, god news for me
just got my leather moto and i love it. if somedays i wear a hoodie underneath while other times i just wear a t-shirt/buttonup/oxford, will the leather strech a significant amount, to a point where it doesn't look too appealing due to the outerwear, or am i just trippin? i feel that if the jacket gets any bigger, i will be unhappy. it is at a perfect fit right now
New Posts  All Forums: