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Yup, mostly to the office and when im out running errands. I guess it's an age thing...seems much easier to break in jeans when you're 18 than when you're 30.
I'm a bit lost on when's the right time to do a first wash (except for when they stink like hell..) ^ 18 months for regular wear. (I don't bike or climb trees, etc) They don't stink but I'm getting tired of the dark indigo. Any thoughts from people who are past their first wash?
I'm looking for a brown/dark brown shoes to go with A.P.C Petit Standard jeans. The look I'm going for is boots, jeans and a button-front shirt with an optional sweater. I currently have Clark's desert boots (beeswax) but I want a darker, nicer alternative. I've been searching for what I had in my mind for over a week (both online and at stores) but couldn't quite find it. Until I saw these: Red Wing Iron Ranger And, Red Wing Beckman I personally prefer the 1st...
Quick question: How's Nudie sizing compared to APC; If I'm 30 in APC Petit Standard, do I get 32 in Nudie Grim Tim ?
Quick question: How's Levi's 511 sizing? I can't find a size chart anywhere. I wear 30 in APC's Petit Standard. Since PS are vanity sized, do I go for 32 in Levi's?
Quote: Originally Posted by 89andy height/weight? Nice fit! Thanks buddy. I'm 5'10" / 165lbs. Sized down 3 from my hip measurement.
After a long search I got these : Very comfortable and I like the sneaker-like sole shape better than the classic one.
My very first APC pair - PS 30 :
Liking the Vans.
^ I personally think the NC look just as good if not better on you. 27 would have been a better size tho.
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