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Gran Turismo 5 I can't remember the last time I've been this excited about a new game coming out. Looks epic. Anybody else plan on buying?
1. Oklahoma Sooners - Love to watch them have a good/decent season, go into the postseason with high hopes, then fall flat on their faces. The best part of college football, for me. 2. Dallas Cowboys - Same as above. 3. LA Lakers - Kuck Fobe.
Another for the Hangover And Step Brothers And a new entry.... Sling Blade. Billy Bob Thornton's greatest work. Classic.
What does your car say about you? Hipster? Modern? Classic? Broke? Free-spirit? Douchebag?
Any PS3 online players here? Looking to join/form a squad (like those Cod5 pansies).
Quote: Originally Posted by yodawg in the playboy pics her tits look way smaller than when she used to frolick topless on the beach with billy zane. wtf is up with that? I thought the exact same thing. I mean, don't get me wrong. I find them to be very nice specimens. However, I did expect more. A classic case of bambooblement.
Was decent. 7.8/10
1.) Jay 2.) Rakim 3.) Common 4.) Tupac 5.) Nas 6.) Talib Kweli And I might catch hell for this one but, no one could freestyle or battle better than Canibus in his prime. His achilles' heel, as it is with so many great rappers, was his inability to consistently select great beats.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern ^ or, alternatively, an entertainer . . . This is a good point. While the Lebron "Decision" and the self-destruction of Tiger Woods and Mel Gibson are all evidence of their inner-douchery, they are entertainers. And douchery is, obviously, quite entertaining... ... I digress. BP/Tony Hayward ftw.
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