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Didn't want to risk it so I paid full price for the SS suit that i wanted and took advantage of a 60% off Banana Republic deal that I came across for some other blazers/suits. After a thorough session with the sales rep (about 40 minutes) I feel I have a comfortable understanding of their sizing for the next outlet go round.
Are there any rumors for when the next clearance sale might be?
Hmmm JCrew does this
I rock these with jeans on the reg
speaking of barker blacks...any suggestion on black patent leather "dinner" shoes something like these but patent leather and less(significantly) than $800 prolly make a thread about this
ugly as fock imo
i once gained 40 lbs in 3 months using creatine and doing max weight be careful
not bad
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands I believe that some of the suits are half-canvased. They don't get a lot of love around here because the cuts are so fashion forward. I think the general consensus here is that you can get better brands at comparable prices if you look for discounts...of course that's the conventional wisdom about everything. people think it's too trendy? they def. are going for the slim cut look.....but everybody is
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