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Received an email from Edward Green... London sale starts tomorrow: SALE JERMYN STREET | LONDON Starting tomorrow — Wednesday 19th June Reductions of up 30% Edward Green, 75 Jermyn Street, St James's 10am - 6pm; Monday - Saturday
I'll assume that they're closed for good....
Does anybody know if Frank Foster is still open? Email address and phone numbers no longer work. Probably means their gone but want to be sure.
Ok, I'll assume that's a "No".
Anyone ever try Hemingway Tailors? I just saw this come across groupon...
Was this ever resolved?
Brown is fine, but personally I'd get a burgundy shoe before a brown shoe. I find the burgundy to be more versatile, especially in a conservative environment. If you can afford the price hit you could get something in a cordovan shell (color 8) or go with a burgundy calf.
So is he still working as a tailor? I really enjoyed his website/blog/videos and was considering having a suit made w/ him.
Here's a basic plan: 1. Think about what type of suit you want (color, pinstripes, single vs double breasted, vents, etc.). Don't get too attached to a single style, just have an idea of what you like and don't like. 2. Go somewhere that knows suits (Mens Warehouse, etc. have been suggested above) and try to find something that fits reasonably well. The shoulders and the most important thing (followed by jacket length). Hopefully you should be able to find something...
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