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love the Dunhills...!
Well if i do it's rather booring and dull, and totally off topic :P
That sounds nice Mint Eastwood, excellent choice. So did you guys check out that site I posted? It's highly classy, couldnt expect less but still.
That would be Snapple - Strawberry Kiwi! - Oh and the pupils on a goat is rectangular during to the cap
Yeah, indeed delicious... Just add some cucumber, garlic and salt'n pepper and you have a great Tzatsiki to dipp fresh vegetables in!
There has been threads about Cigars, Cigarettes and alot of other stuff, so here is the thread about Swedish Snus, share your opinions. For those who wonders what it is, or never have tried/heard about it here is some youtube links: And here is an informative site about it: This Is Swedish Snus This is a Smokeless Tobacco Product, Allthough...
So i was googling on Smokeless tobacco and i ended up here. I found that Swedish Snus isnt discussed alot tho... Have any of you guys tried it out? What do you think in that case? Compared to regular Chew or Dip?
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