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C'est la vie And 'the die is cast' is 'alea jacta est' in latin.
Gotta go with 2
I quite like 2,3,4
Lucked out. Bought a 1BR loft on Hudson St when I first moved to Manhattan and sold it for 3 times the price years later.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Here are a couple: For good Cantonese I strongly recommend Tai Woo . They have a couple locations but I prefer the Causeway Bay one. The salt-baked chicken is the must-have dish and their other signature dishes are also excellent with the exception of the "juicy stewed beef" dish that was somewhat disappointing.. Salt-baked chicken is technically a Hakka dish...
Quote: Originally Posted by Seymour To each his own, but Cantonese cuisine is generally recognized as the most 'refined' of the distinct Chinese sub-cuisines, and many of the top chefs in the Chinese culinary scene are Cantonese chefs. +1 I personally think Cantonese steamed fish is one of the best dishes around.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder You mean like Brooks Brothers? Touché!
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit People in Atlanta are some of the fattest I've seen Check out the obesity map from the CDC
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 I do use a small bag. It is much more utilitarian than stuff one's sportscoat with stuff. First it ruins the line, and also it creates slouchy pockets. let people laugh/snicker all they want. These are probably the same people that would snicker at your pocketsquare anyway. +1 I use a small Tumi myself. I hate putting keys in my pockets and it sure beats clipping that blackberry/phone to your hip.
I'm jealous. I don't get to go until the end of the year. My wife loves taking the tram.
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