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I'm starting to think I'm the only one who wears insoles in all of their leather shoes? I find them vastly more comfortable with some cushioning. I'd like to know if this is similar for you guys here? I've tried no insoles and it just doesn't feel right to me anymore. I use 3/4 length insoles and always try shoes on with them. Every year or so I change the insoles unless they get heavy wear. I've settled on this version here, yet they have been deteriorating fast...
I'm curious what can be done about custom fees after reading the last few posts. What is this code and talking to Sandro? I ordered the tassel loafers in brown leather. I decided to cancel my order and get the double monks a day or two later, but was too late and it was already sent. Received them in about a week today. I have a 112$ custom fee for delivery to Canada. If I contact them can they change this. Not sure how that is possible at this point. I was going...
I've gone to Mark the tailleur on Crescent for a little over two years now. He does a good job, prices are reasonable. I've had a sportcoat brought in at the shoulders, shortened the length, tightend the neck, arms slimmed, waist slimmed etc. Turned out next to perfect. They know how to do professional work and have spotted and corrected some hack work from other tailor's mistakes on pre-altered work I've brought in again. Highly recommended.
Vandave, I've had the collar taken in on the back side for good results. It got rid of the looseness and grips my neck line better. I think if it's just a little bit loose it will work. The other way seems like a lot of work although possibly better. Try folding up the collar up, then pinch and pin the back neck a bit and see how it feels and fits. It may also bring the shoulders in slightly form my experience. cheers.
I'm in montreal myself. I'm Wondering what the pricing was like? Also the fact you have two posts makes this look like spam, so it's hard to take your word for it.
I use a 3/4 length insole in all my shoes. It leaves room in the toes and doesn't sacrifice fit. Even when I try on shoes I slip in an insole because I know I will be using one always. I can walk long periods, 3 or 4 hours with no pain at all. I find rubber soled shoes hurt quicker usually. I agree with everything ottoSkadelig said above and believe this sums up all answers here.
That sounds the same as my tailor, Not a dry cleaner, only alterations. I thought I was overcharged the last time I went, because a pair of pants. I basically had them re-cut and brought in about 4-5 inches came to well over a hundred. The first time I did this, to have matching pants to the jacket top and was shocked. Usually a cuff and hem is about 25-30 alone per leg. A hem alone about 10$. I've spent close to 200$ just on one jacket before, I consider...
That really sucks. I also had garbage juice ruin a pair of light swede converse all stars when I was young and had forgot to throw the trash after I changed from work garb, brand new out the box! I've found over time I learned by mistake a lot of the pitfalls you need to be aware of when wearing nicer clothes. Even things like forgetting to ash out a smoke and the wind blowing it into you, or wine drips, cooking spatters etc. You will eventually start observing...
"It's not quite that simple" -jefferyd I've read the post on shoulder expression and to my interpretation it deals with the convergence through shoulder to arm. It has a soft shoulder, it's just a concave slant into a soft shoulder, if that makes sense to you. Anyway, I'm gonna take out some padding because I'm not gonna wear it as is anyway.
I thrifted a jacket that I now realize has concave shoulders. I bought it quick when traveling, but it looked off on me after I got home under a further look, which I realized was the shoulder curve. I prefer a more relaxed sloped shoulder. Does anyone know if I could take out the uplift at the end by removing some padding? Or would it still look off?
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