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In August 2009 I commissioned suits (single jacket, two trousers) with each of Chan and Yao (my first suits with either), with two fittings. In 2010 I commissioned another suit with Yao. I'll respond briefly with thoughts on workmanship, customer service and overall satisfaction. Workmanship for the initial suits was slightly better with Chan; there were some minor issues with Yao, most notably (in spite of my instructions) the armholes are slightly low; by contrast,...
Quote: Originally Posted by yellman Except they are only made in italy. Not true - STP shows Masons pants made in Peru and Bulgaria. I have two pairs of poplin pants (both made in Italy). While I like the styling, the fabric's on the heavy side, in one case so much so that said pair is unwearable any time of the year outdoors where I live (in southeast Asia).
Remember that much or most of your time in Hong Kong will be spent in air conditioned environments (at least, I hope that's the case!). I also live in SE Asia and am very comfortable at work in half-lined suits made of four season cloth, although I admittedly don't walk around outside too much in office wear. I would not recommend seersucker, however - it will look out of place.
Thanks for the post. Was the formal shirt fabric also house fabric, or branded?
I commissioned Gordon to make a Scabal suit last year and by and large was pleased with the result. I was in HK on Saturday and pushed the button on another. There were some minor issues with the first suit which I discussed with him and hopefully will be corrected with the second (I brought the first along to show him), but generally, I'm following same tailoring style. Fitting in early October and pick up in late November (which is driven by my visits to HK). He holds...
I prefer the colors and styling of H&H shirts, but (at least on those I've ordered) the sizing seems to be off (running smaller - uncomfortably so - in the collar, and somewhat less in the sleeves, after a few washes than what the marked size would suggest). Moreover, H&H, in my experience, run slim, whereas BB regular cuts are fuller. A pity for those of us requiring a fuller cut...But to answer the OP's question, I agree with others that H&H seem to have better fabrics...
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth ^Is that prices for Chan or Baron? Chan
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I don't know what they charge for the shirting alone - I don't know that they'd sell it to you, frankly. But a Chan shirt in Mason fabric will run $130-140. I think they offer Acorn too for even more. $148-158 for TM, $157 for Acorn, as of mid May.
Yes, first in 2003 (2 suits and several shirts), and again in 2007 (4 suits and more shirts). Generally workmanlike, and reasonably priced, but limited (IMO) selection of fabrics, lacking in the higher-end ones. Not surprisingly, you will be most pleased with the results if you give them a very firm direction/instructions with respect to styling and details. There are styling details on my Nita suits which bother me a little bit, but I blame myself for not directing them....
Over the weekend, the Financial Times' "How to Spend It" section profiled Matteo di Montezemolo. I was particularly interested in his opinion of "the best souvenir I've brought home", handmade cotton shirts made by a tailor named Filippo in Mumbai at 11 Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder. Anyone else have experience with this tailor?
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