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Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth ^Is that prices for Chan or Baron? Chan
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I don't know what they charge for the shirting alone - I don't know that they'd sell it to you, frankly. But a Chan shirt in Mason fabric will run $130-140. I think they offer Acorn too for even more. $148-158 for TM, $157 for Acorn, as of mid May.
Yes, first in 2003 (2 suits and several shirts), and again in 2007 (4 suits and more shirts). Generally workmanlike, and reasonably priced, but limited (IMO) selection of fabrics, lacking in the higher-end ones. Not surprisingly, you will be most pleased with the results if you give them a very firm direction/instructions with respect to styling and details. There are styling details on my Nita suits which bother me a little bit, but I blame myself for not directing them....
Over the weekend, the Financial Times' "How to Spend It" section profiled Matteo di Montezemolo. I was particularly interested in his opinion of "the best souvenir I've brought home", handmade cotton shirts made by a tailor named Filippo in Mumbai at 11 Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder. Anyone else have experience with this tailor?
I can't answer your primary question, but (living in a tropical climate) am willing to offer my two cents on wool vs. linen. Thankfully, I don't spend more than about 10 mins. a day while in business attire outside of my aircon'd office, but if I had to do so, I'd prefer to be dressed in linen. But if you can manage to stay indoors, wool (in my view) looks more businesslike.
JL Powell sell what, to my eye, are nice linen shorts, both flat front and gurkha style.
For those members who have them, how do you rate their quality and comfort? I am debating whether to opt for these (at a higher price point), or poplin pants/shorts (prob. Bill's khakis). I live in SE Asia and comfort in tropical conditions is a major issue, so am tending towards the linen...
Anyone have thoughts on or recent experience (good or bad) with shirts made by Chan versus David's Shirts, Ascot Chang or Lee Baron? If given the choice between these (or other) HK shirtmakers, would you go to Chan - and if not, why not? I was recently in HK (I live in the region and go there fairly regularly) and stopped by both Chan and David's to look at Thomas Mason fabric, with the latter seeming to have slightly higher (10% or so) prices. I didn't get to AC, however...
Will try to do so over the weekend.
Anyone used Ascot Chang at the Makati Shang for shirts? Do they simply take the measurements and convey to AC HK? Are prices between the two comparable? Does Makati carry the full range of shirt fabrics, such as Thomas Mason?
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