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I recall others here saying over time, their grenadines tend to stretch a bit more than their conventional ties - which has been my experience too (seems like around 3/4 inch, maybe more, on some of my earlier Hober grenadines). Having said that, the longer length bothers me much less than would having a "too short" tie initially and waiting for it to stretch, so I'll continue to order my usual tie length.
Update to my earlier message - I took a close look and was wrong in my earlier reply - there is a light interlining.
In my experience (with more than a dozen ties from Patrizio), unlined means unlined. (In retrospect, I wish that a few of them did have interlinings.)
Because of the pattern. In my view, the windowpane and the stripes don't work well together, particularly when the scale is similar.
I have the grenadine fina stripe (but in a bow), but wouldn't wear it with a navy windowpane suit. The solid dark red would be a better combo, in my view.
First of all, condolences. I expect your grandfather would have been touched by the amount of thought you're investing in what to wear to say goodbye. If there's a time/place for wearing keeping clothes sombre, I'd say a funeral/wake would be it. That might rule out #4, which might (depending on the shade of the khakis) to be a more casual outfit. If it were me (and knowing my family), I would stick with #1 or #3 - and if I were travelling, I'd probably just take the...
Could be. See posts 179-182 on You could also ask for a closeup pic of the small tag, to see if it carries the initials "MD". Of course, you could also ask Drake's.
Some interesting designs. Any end users willing to share thoughts on how the quality of the 100% cashmere relates to Begg, Colombo, Drake's etc?
Presumably you requested swatches, and still can't decide. #8 (midnight blue) is quite dark.
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