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If it were me, I'd take it back to the original tailor and see what he can do. Not sure I understand why you're planning to have the alteration done in Bangkok - is it merely a matter of saving money, or was that where the suit was made?
taking these puppies (Shanklin bluette) out for a first walk today:
I recall others here saying over time, their grenadines tend to stretch a bit more than their conventional ties - which has been my experience too (seems like around 3/4 inch, maybe more, on some of my earlier Hober grenadines). Having said that, the longer length bothers me much less than would having a "too short" tie initially and waiting for it to stretch, so I'll continue to order my usual tie length.
Update to my earlier message - I took a close look and was wrong in my earlier reply - there is a light interlining.
In my experience (with more than a dozen ties from Patrizio), unlined means unlined. (In retrospect, I wish that a few of them did have interlinings.)
Because of the pattern. In my view, the windowpane and the stripes don't work well together, particularly when the scale is similar.
I have the grenadine fina stripe (but in a bow), but wouldn't wear it with a navy windowpane suit. The solid dark red would be a better combo, in my view.
First of all, condolences. I expect your grandfather would have been touched by the amount of thought you're investing in what to wear to say goodbye. If there's a time/place for wearing keeping clothes sombre, I'd say a funeral/wake would be it. That might rule out #4, which might (depending on the shade of the khakis) to be a more casual outfit. If it were me (and knowing my family), I would stick with #1 or #3 - and if I were travelling, I'd probably just take the...
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