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From my limited experience with visiting tailors (in the southeast Asian context), the former. There's one shop (that I know of) in Manila which organizes trunk shows, and they charge an accordingly high premium to their customers.
As far as I'm concerned, no.
Moved on to doing trunk shows here in Manila (presumably, among other places).
The Villandry is still quite contemporary
I assume they're selling end-of-runs, but don't know that for a fact.
Yes, I've bought from them.
Yes, bought a few lengths of H&S cloth from them 2-3 years ago and no problems. I checked my email archives for a personal email there to pass along to you, but must have deleted my emails to/from them.
Jacket looks good. Solaro?
As you're posting on the EGC thread, I guess you mean TTIP (EU/US discussions), rather than TPP. Ongoing negotiations (and then the delays associated with ratification) will mean consumers won't see any benefits for years. There is a textiles working group, but I'm not sure of the parties' negotiating positions. You can see the EU's position, which was leaked, in the link within the following article:
Prefer 150
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