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20% off at Soto Berlin with code SALE. Plus VAT that's 40% off if you're in the U.S.
Anybody mind proxying Siki Im/Den Im sale this weekend? PM me, would love to get some shorts/tees. He posted it on his Instagram.
Los Feliz area. Just moved here from Texas where breakfast tacos were in abundance. Didn't realize it was mostly a Central Texas thing.
Anybody know if there are any other places to get breakfast tacos besides Home State?
Republique is good. Had dinner there for New Years eve. Steak w/frittes, winter salad, and charred veggies were my faves. Tried their breakfast 2 weeks ago, it was just ok. My sandwich was essentially Eggslut+sausage patty.
Someone size L needs to pick up this jacket before I do:
I got some Vans Vault slip ons from Bows & Arrows that achieve the look of the EG Vans: End Clothing also has them but not in half sizes
I wear an XL in both the tees and hoodies but I don't get that stacked look, dude. Maybe try double layer Rick tees?
For LA people, Am Rag has the black linen shop coat. Really awesome piece.
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