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I wear an XL in both the tees and hoodies but I don't get that stacked look, dude. Maybe try double layer Rick tees?
For LA people, Am Rag has the black linen shop coat. Really awesome piece.
Missed the olive bush shirt in my size at The Bureau. Anybody seen it somewhere else?
Heads up: there's s few JE items on sale at Revolve.
Wait, so if you live in LA you can pick up items yourself?! How does that work?
doesnt End usually put out a code around the start of Spring? I wanna buy a couple things but don't wanna jump the gun.
Just now realized why the Hoya shorts were named so. The paneling is the same as Iverson era G-Town uniforms. I see you, JE. These and the UNC shorts were a middle school grail.
I'm in the same boat. I've seen the black ones at Soto Berlin. http://www.sotostore.com/store/converse-chelsea-boot-black not sure why the link says converse
Any stockists carrying the Co Mix tees?
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