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Will the Mercer tees run the same as U Necks? I currently take the XL in the U neck and Villain.
Bought the J Crew Aldens like its 2010 and the EG Landsdown jacket to complete the suit with the Truman pant.
Adidas http://www.adidas.com/us/product/mens-training-climachill-shorts/WE220?cid=D85506&breadcrumb=1z13071Z1z11zrfZsxZu2Z1z13xgjZ1z13y92
Mercer tee will be robocopped.
I'm looking for a sz 48 or 50 of the olive green flight pants from SS11. Name your price.
Nike does this with the few shoes worth actually buying. Like the Free Mercurial HTMs from last week. They sold out instantly. Meanwhile all the neon colored free/foamposite/lunar force shit sits on shelves.
Just bought these from Oki Ni. Will they refund VAT if I'm located in the US? I just wrote to them asking but does anyone here have experience with them.
Waiting for these to arrive:
LOL is this 50 wearing a JE rebel?
Me from a few summers back:
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