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Los Feliz area. Just moved here from Texas where breakfast tacos were in abundance. Didn't realize it was mostly a Central Texas thing.
Anybody know if there are any other places to get breakfast tacos besides Home State?
Republique is good. Had dinner there for New Years eve. Steak w/frittes, winter salad, and charred veggies were my faves. Tried their breakfast 2 weeks ago, it was just ok. My sandwich was essentially Eggslut+sausage patty.
Someone size L needs to pick up this jacket before I do: https://www.therealreal.com/products/men/mens-outerwear/jackets/engineered-garments-w-slash-tags-1
I got some Vans Vault slip ons from Bows & Arrows that achieve the look of the EG Vans: http://bowsandarrowsberkeley.com/products/og-classic-slip-on-lx-canvas-black End Clothing also has them but not in half sizes
I wear an XL in both the tees and hoodies but I don't get that stacked look, dude. Maybe try double layer Rick tees?
For LA people, Am Rag has the black linen shop coat. Really awesome piece.
Missed the olive bush shirt in my size at The Bureau. Anybody seen it somewhere else?
Heads up: there's s few JE items on sale at Revolve.
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