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Just got the olive poplin E1 pants from Forward and I couldn't be happier. I was on the fence about them too since the Shooting Pants showed up in khaki on Need Supply. Only Silver and Gold has had both colors but I was too lazy to proxy.
Chambray Bush shirt here: http://theclassroomshop.com/hooded-long-bush-shirt-blue-chambray.html I'm holding out for the red plaid one.
Anybody seen the bush shirts online? Saw the red plaid and chambray ones on Instagram and I now NEED to own one of them.
Not my pic but I just got these off NikeID this morning.
RSVP Gallery stocks Geller now. http://rsvpgallery.com/brands/robert-geller
You're right, I missed it. Oh hell yeah.
I really wish they'd bring back the Bush shirt for this season.
Digging that olive Mercer. Hopefully we see olive Villains and Escobars soon too...
Will the Mercer tees run the same as U Necks? I currently take the XL in the U neck and Villain.
Bought the J Crew Aldens like its 2010 and the EG Landsdown jacket to complete the suit with the Truman pant.
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