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Always enjoy good repetition. Always, always enjoy good repetition, Always.
I'm confused by this talk of insurance. Do most people carry personal liability insurance?
Did you ever see/read "A Scanner Darkly"? You must surveil yourself, the paperer is you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kai The Spice must flow. Damn it.
Just a note to those enjoying employer contributions to their defined contribution retirement plans: make sure you study the vesting schedule for employer contributions to the plan, it is an easily missed cost of switching employers.
It's nice to see so many rock hard erections gathered together in one place.
ITT I am a huge dork who cannot help giving recommendations. Frank Herbert -The Dosadi Experiment -Dune Chronicles Dan Simmons -Hyperion Cantos Ian Mcdonald -Out on Blue Six -Desolation Road -Evolution's Shore
Halflife: Team Fortress.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Pour bleach on them and then shout advanced, rub it in. Don't worry. I don't understand, I put the bleach on, then I yell "advanced", then I rub it?
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