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to the peeps who were talking about the lightweight / heavyweight emerald jacquard shirt..... how heavy is the lightweight version? Im feeling the denim shirt but i tried it on and it felt a bit too heavyweight to be of too much wear in hong kong
they did last time around apparently
anyone know when the web store goes 50 off and whether that includes regular shirts and pocket sweaters? I'll just take the plunge if I can get it for 50 off for the pocket sweaters ... prolly won't lose too much if I have to resell them
question for you guys. eyeing on the turquoise pocket sweater. ervells sizing seem all over the place, last year I tried one of their size small shirts and they were huge. Today I just tried one and they fit perfect in small. Over a year ago I bought a pocket sweater a/w version and they were way too short on me (5'10"). Do you think a size small pocket sweater in their current season iteration would fit me length-wise? I don't wanna be stuck selling it for a low price...
tweed chinos are calling at me.
wtf they changed the fit of the chinos? last time I bought them were fw12. So whats the updated fit?
anyone know why pe website charge outrageous 25 dolar shipping fees for a single knit? or am I the only one being charged up the ass
Just wondering those of you who buy the apc washed jeans (love one of the washes in the current season) one of the biggest problems I have with washed jeans is that I cant freely hem them without fucking up the, well, wash of the hem. Only thing I can do it roll that shit up. Are all ya who rock the washed jeans 6 feet tall or something? So ya should I buy them if I can only roll them up? Would love to have the option of wearing them both ways but the stacking is out of...
great deal, id be kicking myself if it was size 41 thankfully. I been wearing them a lot this summer, get them now!
theres no mention that its cut from new cure on the website i think? I agree that the wash looks nice as well
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