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anyone know how the new jcrew ludlow shoes fit?
so is the consensus that derbies fit slightly larger than achilles because of the lack of padding?
really want to grab the burgundy derbies but torn on the sizing. I wear size 42 achilles but they are big ( half a size i'd say ). Someone on this thread said they fit slightly tighter, while another who posted it up for sale say they fit even a size larger than achilles! Someone give me a definative anwer please
anyone know where I can still get the new stonewashed jeans in size 30?
they a lot wider in the toebox compared to cp's.
btw, I just got the selvedge jeans in size 29. Not concerned about waist, as people have said they stretch. However, they are practically skin tight on the thighs on my 5'10 140lb frame. Granted, I'm an athletic skinny 140lb, so my thighs are more muscular than most since I squat every so often. Just a heads up for anyone interested in the jeans. I'll be sizing up to a 30, if anyone knows where I can get the new stonewash (light one) at a discount that would be great.
nice fit, size small right? Just wondering how tall/heavy you were? very nice color.
Just looking for more opinion on the connor fit chinos.realize some people saI'd they are balls tight. But I'm of the type Where I feel the Davis are a bit too baggy. If anyone wears wings horns chinos If they couldrelate? They seem like they are cut similarly.
to the peeps who were talking about the lightweight / heavyweight emerald jacquard shirt..... how heavy is the lightweight version? Im feeling the denim shirt but i tried it on and it felt a bit too heavyweight to be of too much wear in hong kong
they did last time around apparently
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