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Put it this way, besides a better fit, I dont see the suit different to highend Italian garment factory.If you have ordered things from them, the first commission has a very spot on MTM vibe.Again, better to check it out yourself to get ur personal view.
Well I never say one is better than the other, I am only saying the premise that 'side vents must be better than center vent' is wrong.I am submtting that when centre vents are done right, it will be just as good as side vents with its functionality and anesthetic.I noted your argument but I don't think it holds any water. In particular to your social limb, I have the following reply 1) centre vents are very normal in a society we live in and 2) Some garments do looks more...
Have you ever get any crocked or centre evnted suit from tailors? Or this is only based on your experience in RTW?
Those who blindly thinks side vents are more superior should reconsider.
Dear member I am going to offer two exquisite suiting from my personal wardrobe which sadly does no longer fits. Both suits are in mint condition and show no wear and tear. For fit, they are structured, fully canvassed suiting with many details. Both items will fit a typical 38 chest / slim 40. Shipment extra, for 3pc my offer is at 120 pounds and the 2pc at 100 pounds. ***The Following are measurements from the tailor, These are the body measurements when the garments...
The above picture is showing a hand padded canvass but machines padded lapel. Big no no for me...especially paying for that sort of bespoke price tags....
The new one is too hipster.
To be honest, I have seen much worse then your choice. If you are happy and given the chance that you will not wear suit for the rest of your time, I think the suit looks presentable enough for your big day. Congrats man.
For those who are Hui's customer / customer-to-be, I have through my effort (and upon Hui's advice) ordered a small amount of RIchardJamesWeldon trimmings for initial try out. Upon arrival, Hui was pleased with the quality of it and I cannot wait to see some of my garments made with the new trimmings. I can proudly say Hui's place is now capable of producing garments with authentic English trimmings (save for Western gimp threads for buttonholes), which are not often...
This will be great for my Car boot!
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