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There is a significant difference between MTM and bespoke. The pattern will be desgined afresh which means you can ditate how the coat will sit on you (e.g. collar height, open or close quarter, waistline, armhole, paddings, back and front balance). MTM manufacture will not have all the bespoke touches e.g. two piece collar, hand padded lapel and chest. Overall, if you have too many alteration on MTM intended block pattern it rarely turn out to be good looking. This is...
I just think if OP can pay savile row price, there is nothing bad in picking a worthwhile Savile Row tailor that justify the price. Maurice Sedwell, G&H Bespoke and Edward Sexton are so unique on their house style that if someone is looking for a special English rope shoulder garment, he should really check them out inside the store and feel their garments and see whether they like them. Chittlesbrough & Morgan may also be a good choice but my personal experience with...
I do suggest you to try Maurice Sedwell or Edward Sexton. I have tried the latter myself and I love their cut and make.
This is excellent.... Do you provide a physical store for professional measurements?
I used to have a fine classic suit made up. The texture is relatively smooth but not silky. I will say just by the touch of it it is very typical wool worsted however it feels slightly thinner.Performance is pretty good however.
I entirely agree that studied machine padding can make good collars and lapels. However, I am aware that only with hand padding, the collar and the lapel can create a flatter and lighter weight finish. Furthermore, collar should really be padded by hand given that it will hug the shirt and neck better than machine padded. Again, I entirely agree that in heavier and dense traditional fabrics, machine padded lapel and collar makes little to no difference, and a good fit...
Unfortunately I have never purchase nor handle any clothes from Oxxford. However from their pictures it does look pretty promising.There is a trick to hand padded lapels. If the coatmaker misses it can cause punkering on the lapels. This may cause the lapel facing "over floating" and not running smooth and pressed down.
You can enjoy searching for the "prefect" tailor, however I can say that there is no such thing.
WW Chan construction is nothing special, at least for me.
Put it this way, besides a better fit, I dont see the suit different to highend Italian garment factory.If you have ordered things from them, the first commission has a very spot on MTM vibe.Again, better to check it out yourself to get ur personal view.
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