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Is this Asian Vox? Very nice albeit I think price is still too high for something like this.
Whats the big deal of outgrowing your bespoke suit? At least it is better than getting a women pregant before 25 isnt it? I think a suit with couple years of life spam is pretty fair. No matter it is bespoke or not.
Thx Derek for organising this run. I have enough cloth for a smart 3PC for the prefect leisure travel suit.
I have ask them about the price and size of the items..... lets wait.
Not very Japanese but I have found the following pictures from Kamioka株式会社's facebook. I believe they are from the Taiwanese shoe making firm
BTW has anyone collected the recent tobacco fresco yet?
Whilst I do agree with Meermin's QC issue, I confess that Loake and AE probably have the same problem, if not at the same level. Insofar as I can attest, my Meermin bottom line classic range do performs well.
I will generally perfer meermin in that price range.
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