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I really want to know how good their bespoke operation is....
I think he uses the mid grey and shocking blue weft mix tonik
How long is the dark blue?
I can't wait to see the measurements... Hope they will work out. I will be very interested to see the comments from my tailors about your suit. They always look very unique and bad- boy UK mod style.
I actually got a length of H&S flannel in this colour.I will say it is an excellent wintery causal suiting but can't be used as separates...
I think as long as you know what you need from the shop, do pay them a visit.Be warned, they do take cards for payment. All cash preferred.
OK... But that shows a full range of price should be expected.Not really, just do not treat the place like a retail shop and walk around. I only go when I know I NEED to buy something, not like causal visit with out business.
The asnqwe for this question will be too vague. From all these merchant, it can go from $400-$500 for standard worsted to $5000 for luxury overcoating.
I suggest one to visit the premises during weekday... And ensure you are going to buy something from them.They are real whole seller and doesn't like individual customer buying cut lengths in the first place.
Nice stuff man. May I ask the weight in oz? It seems all of them are super heavy in today's standard.
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