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I was referring to Dugdale's New Fine Wool Worsted as being unsuitable for Hong Kong post-Easter weather.
Actually I will advise against New Cool Wool for HK post-easter usage. That range is prefect to London dry summer but not HK's one.
A gathering like last time in Causeway Bay will be prefect.Although I did not stay at the gathering very long but I recall there are a few interesting workboot lovers.I think a general Styleforum + HK discuss gathering will be a desirable event.
Also noted that for complicated designs, extra charge will apply.In my case, my seamless wholecut cost HKD1,000 extra.
Hello NutcrackerI actually made two orders with Mr Okuyama. The first shoe will be a seamless wholecut in purple hatchgrain (AA crack stock). The second shoe will be a wholecut lazyman in black calfskin.I have asked the purple shoe to have his house chisel shape and the black in English chisel. I believe he will start making the second one after he finishes the first last.It was very nice to meet you on that day. I am terrible sorry that my cold was killing me at that...
Il Sarto did a lot of advertisement in the media. The shop front appears to be really nice.But their garment is not magic.
IL Sarto is vis-a-vis Lee baron. I hope people will not expect they are the new A-Man Hing Cheong.
the whole tougue felt out?!
CROSS POST FROM THE BESPOKE SHOE THREADFirst Fitting with Masaru OKuyamaMr. O had chosen to make a simple oxford for the first fitting. I will have the real wholecut design for fitting next time.At present, he has a good amount of work to do. Lots of areas need to be skied out.Flickr 上 CHA-K 的 IMG-20140423-WA0031 [[SPOILER]]
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