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Thanks for your kind words.In real life, the suit looks more relaxed and 'Italian'.@chobo you never seen their waistcoat?
@BespokeKiwi thanks for you kind words.
For those waiting, here is the selfie. I must say it is very diffcult to take a good picture of a 240 gram fabric. IMG_20140907_221440 by CHA-K, on Flickr
I think thats just optical illusion. The peak is attached very tight from the grorge.That a 240g Scabal cloth, muat be a pain to tailor.
I recently had tried a new tailor because it was recommended by my friend. According to him, the tailor offers contemporary cutting and minimalist constructions. I have received the garments yesterday, and I must say they provide excellent value compared to my usual HK tailor. Workmanship and pattern are on-par with current top-end bespoke tailor shop. I guess I have to make some more with them. The particular point that amuses me is that they can accommodate a...
Buy a new rolex sub and not wear it for the next 50-60 years
I am very happy with it. I find the finish of the watch and the titanium wristband very nice. It is a different animal to my Green GMT master 2.The design of Royal Oak Offshore is very beautiful.I only wish my model will have ceramic pushbuttons and crown....nevermind.
My new purchase, my first AP
I wouldnt be so OTT about it. I am not sure where GG stock their hatchgrain. Not only AA crack has it. I brought 2 pieces of AA crack Hatchgrain to Mr. Okuyama and he likes the leather and comment on the finish. I believe faulty hatchgrain comes from overdose renomat.
If you always wear jeans and polo/shirt combo. I suggest you to get a few linen and gingham shirts for your trip. Do not bother to re-create your wardrobe. Have fun in your trip.
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