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The well informed individuals don't buy Ferraris and Classic Porches purely based on price-tag, besides that they also buy for the history, running cost, availability of spare parts and anesthetics.Ferraris and Classic Porsches are also unique items which price tags are often not totally rational and traceable purely on specification.It is the same with tailors, you should find a style that you like and afford, rather than find one which the general consensus thinks the...
Tailors are very unique and it is not very fruitful to examine them in terms of prices.I believe he is now working in Mainland China in as a permanent employee.
Too late my friend, Lai sifu no longer works for HK clients.
I entirely agree that it should be the participants to decide whether the offer is suitable and good deal for them.However, I dont agree them to blame one organizer where he organise the same cloth vis a vis another organizer offering the same cloth in subsquent group order but lower price.Your experience makes this community better. However by getting into the details, thereby distinguishing different practice, is already a criticise to other kind members.Why not? The...
Given participants in these ad-hoc fabric group buy are getting better value than buying individual cut lengths, I find it quiet unfair to criticize those organizer who decide to make a profit in order to honour their time spent and effort in getting a better deal for everyone. Why people must insist these kind individual to do pro-bono work for the sole sake of your personal benefits (being getting an already better but not the rock button best deal)?
The only warning I can give is for Chan their house style is very Igent these days so if you want to have a more classic shaoe and design make sure you are very technical and detail during the baste fitting... once they moved to the second fitting alot of things could not be changed.
I got an attache made in carbon fibre for people who had loss their control.In other times, making "fair submissions" also helps.
My brain and I carry it to enforcement authorities and/or Courts all the time in order to earn more money. XD
*** SORRY GUYS ALL SOLD*** [[SPOILER]] 2) CJ Bamoral Boots in Bronze calf, UK9E, Outsole: 12" x 4", Offer: 120 pounds with shoe tree and shoe bag3)EG Black and Whote Spectator Oxford (Factory sample), 82 last, 8.5UKE, Outsole: 11.75" x 3.75" " Offer: 90 pounds with shoe tree and shoe bag [[SPOILER]] 6) Vass Museum Brown calf double monk, U Last, UK9E, Outsole: 11.75" x 4.25" Offer: 90 pounds with shoe tree and shoe bag7) Meermin Longwing Butcher with Danile Shoe, 9UKE,...
I think I will only skip the shirt, rest is fine.
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