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o yes that does sound great for a informal winter suit.
Haha, Mr Hui can't make those special buttonholes. However, I knew the contractor lady at WW Chan and Dream Bespoke (I have seen it in their Facebook) can make those nice buttonholes at a reasonable extra.I have seen Chan copied a Tom Ford classic bas A peak lapel before and it actually looks even better than the real Tom Ford.Recently, I have asked Hui and he can provide those stiff canvass for the trouser waistband.I personally never convert the fit of RTW into bespoke,...
Whats the new exotic leather?
Very bold words Mr car.I worn Tom Ford before and I can confirm that their shoulder is just classicly roped without any curve.Actually there are places that can make the special silk buttonhole in Hong Kong. It is possible to have a 'bespoke' Tom Ford at Hong Kong.
I wouldn't jump to this so soon. Some VBC range are actually very decent.
I had a fitting yesterday on my 'cool new wool', basically it is a smooth version of fresco but has the body of 12oz, it drapes pretty well and good for summer.I honestly don't think there is nicer summer business suiting cloth than this in yhe price range.
this looks amazing.
Usually CMT for a coat equates to CMT for three piece suit.
I think the outsole is not cut as close as a bespoke will. Nor the heel cup has the typical Cleverley finish. Anyway in the absence of better pcitures, I may be wrong.
It is a very nice pair of shoes but I doubt it is bespoke.
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