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BTW guys need some collective thoughts here. As I will be going to London from 2nd to 10th Apr, this time I want to get a pair of gator bespoke done. As I live in Hong Kong, I do need this brand to take up regular HK visit for my fittings. Any suggestions from you guys of where I should go? Price wise I want to keep it around 4500 pounds or less.
Thanks for your kind words. Actually Lai keep forgetting my strong shoulder preference. He seems to prefer his more than mine.Okuyama actually locates in Hong Kong.
Not really. It is the same fabric batch as yours.
Cross post: [[SPOILER]] For my upcoming oversea trip.Cloth: fresco tobacco special run (current version)Shirt and tie: RLPLPS: unbrandedShoes: Masaru Okuyama
For my upcoming oversea trip. Cloth: fresco tobacco special run (current version) Shirt and tie: RLPL PS: unbranded Shoes: Masaru Okuyama
I can guarantee if you try to make bespoke with Dou it will be rubbish. Only go there for leather jacket alteration.I am surprised that you had bad experience with alterations with ur own previous tailor who made you the garment.. .
Can you share with us more about B Black & Sons Matka... very interested.
Btw guys how much is a GG bespoke in calf these days? Will be in London very soon and want know to plan forward if possible. Any recommendation Lads?
Haha for me it is up to a point where I don't need that much fine clothesPlus I put on so much weight ar chobo gor
I will PM you guys on it.
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