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@Gatsbyu thank you for your explanation. Although I agree that the waist suppression are on the side panel, however I wish to point out that he deliberately cut the back on greater bias and let the forepart to have the volume. Adding this, I am unsure whether the side panel really would have large mount of overlapping to the British tailoring theory. I totally agree with your saying that "The position of back neck also plays an important role when we talk about balanced...
I dont think so... at least not my orderBtw what is ur idea of crooked cut?
@hifilover.... perhaps the discussion is on cutting style rather then correctness of work. I am wondering whether his default really always make one look better. @Gatsbyu... my underatanding of a crooked is different, pls educate me on this.... i think the cut is somehow Italian influenced.
Thank you for your detailed review work.From your pictures, those looks lovely.However, I will like to discuss more generally on Lai's cutting style. One thing that really come across my mind is his "forward" cutting. I always feel he pushes the majority of volume on the front and aggressively trimmed down the proportion at the back. While I am sure with his proportion movement would still be fine, but do you think that a more balanced cut would make one's body shape more...
I should have take the inside of the fitting coat in my first fitting but I forgot. I am sure another chance will come by in my next commission.In this second fitting, they have not attach the braces buttons yet so I did not use any braces during the second fitting.Hopefully this gave some more insight to members here. Actually I do recall Lai and Grand Tailor also put canvass to the jacket and the waistcoat.But for this project, I can say WW Chan did a neat construction job.
I think the jacket length is alright... they have made it longer already.
WW. Chan Forward Fitting The second fitting was pretty close to my expectation. Besides the trouser was pretty much finished, the waistcoat and the jacket were still half way. I suspected such arrangement would be ideal for any last minute major amendments before delivery. Fitting wise, the trouser now fits better and more into my taste. The waistcoat needed to trim up on the back and loosen up the waist. the sleeve pitch of the coat need some small amendment and...
Can you provide better pictures?
With all these kind of questions, you are better of asking an experienced friend to come with you. Better than us telling you absolutely evething to further confuss you.
I found overall Grand Tailor made the best old London Drape cut for me. I have spent a lot of time with Lai to get what I want so far. I just think Lai's make is different and perhaps more old Shanghai with the overall softer construction. Grand Tailor's coat in any kind of cloth feels stiffer (either with or without the black interlining).WW Chan actually has been better priced recently with the additional fabric choices. Price is not too bad.Also it gets really bored to...
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