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The new one is too hipster.
To be honest, I have seen much worse then your choice. If you are happy and given the chance that you will not wear suit for the rest of your time, I think the suit looks presentable enough for your big day. Congrats man.
For those who are Hui's customer / customer-to-be, I have through my effort (and upon Hui's advice) ordered a small amount of RIchardJamesWeldon trimmings for initial try out. Upon arrival, Hui was pleased with the quality of it and I cannot wait to see some of my garments made with the new trimmings. I can proudly say Hui's place is now capable of producing garments with authentic English trimmings (save for Western gimp threads for buttonholes), which are not often...
This will be great for my Car boot!
Yes he is actually. This person however did not post any feedback in respect of his bnT comission.
I have seen some bnt tailor from my good friend. And in all honesty they can be rubbish.
Now enough with the criticism..... SartodiNapoli please tell us what is good then?
The handwork of the "Milanese Tailor" brought in by the guys in Hong Kong are not very impressive either. CdL handwork tidy at all? But their low collar cut really bugs me.
I mean guys... Don't get into extremes, surely most tailors will have made terrible / excellent garments in their lifetime. No one is born to be a prefect coatmaker / cutter / trousermaker. However, I am persuade that sometimes Savile Row garments are outsourced to below standard coatmakers / trousermakers just to keep the business profit pool running. Also, SR businesses in general should have a tighter quality control, rather than just hoping to pass their inferior...
If u are talking about RTW this will work (as has been done by many website invluding sf and Parisian Gentleman), but bespoke involve fabric choices which fluctuate.Becuase of this, even one tailor shop will have a range of prices depends on fabrics.If you have visit tailor shops before, you may notice that tailor general “works within your budget”, namely they will recommend fabric which suits ur wallet.Tailors (save for the ones who deals with international clients)...
New Posts  All Forums: