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i mean the really expensive tailors.
BTW guys... I think I finally want to try an award-winning global tailor.... Any suggestion? Only looking for a travelling HK tailor.
To be fair, if you are considering purple sportcoat, you probably don't need run of the mill advice here.
why no point collar?
No Lee Baron will not a good call.
I also pledge to come to your truck show in Hong Kong.
This is the first time I hear about this story.So basically the above story illustrates that it is better be apparent than actual in critical times?For a moment, I think this principle fits perfectly in politics in practice.
Quoting a long piece of writing without focus is different from explaining.
How does people find out his apprentices are free labour? Even if that is the case, what's the problem with it? There are many professions in which the apprentices learn by doing a supposed paid job. I highly doubt every single bespoke suits are only touched by the master coatmakers/trouser-makers. Ask some of those Japanese shoemaker apprentice and see what they say. Do people still don't understand the beauty of corporeal personality in the 20th century?
What is "Machiavellian"? Please educate me.
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